Neuro Sensi Therapy

Neuro Sensi Therapy was designed for hypersensitive and capillary skin. The combinationof Endothelyol™ and SensAmone P5 peptide has a neurosensory effect on vessels and sensory receptors. It also actively monitors inflammation factors, vascular problems and sensation
neuroreceptors. It is recommended for irritated skin, rosacea-prone skin as well as skin after dermoesthetic treatments.

Advantages of the line:
• Advanced neurosensory therapy
• clinically proven efficiency of Endothelyol™ and SensAmone P5
• multi-level effect (3 in 1)
– sensory effect on sensory receptors
– effect on vessels (regulation of angiogenic factors)
– anti-inflammatory effect (inhibition of inflammatory factors)
• recommended after esthetic treatments with the use of needles (elimination of side effects of redness,
aedema and post-treatment bruises)
• S.O.S at a beauty salon in the case of irritation and allergy
• visible and felt effects after the treatment
• reduction of vascular lesions in the case of rosacea up to 12% after just 4 weeks