Hydrospheric Therapy

Actively moisturizing line based on the stimulation of aquaporins – special water channels in skin cells. This is possible due to the synergistic action of two substances: Hydrasynol™ DOI and Glycohyalu LW. The first one is patented and eco-certified an ingredient of natural origin, which in combination with glycerin stimulates aquaporins 3 (AQP3) for active water transport to skin cells. Instant and immediate moisturizes, reduces transepidermal water loss, rebuilds the lipid barrier and stimulates proteins that influence skin architecture. The second active ingredient is Glycohyal LW is a unique combination of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and acid precursors hyaluronic acid-glycosaminoglycans. It works thanks to its small particle size in all layers of the skin. In the stratum corneum, it moisturizes and protects, and in the epidermis improves its structure and makes it more elastic, and glycosaminoglycans increase it in the dermis synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid.