Derma CollAge Therapy

Derma CollAGE is an original, multi-level treatment providing cumulative and long-lasting moisturizing properties and reconstruction of the collagen matrix. This is another dermocosmetic supplement that ARKANA has created for every skin type. It acts as an electrolyte, which ensures water distribution to every layer of the skin and cells, and a valuable hyaluronic acid provider. It is also a natural collagen booster. Its effect is based on the original combination of MARSturizer™ – a unique regulator of the water balance of the skin, NIO – OLIGO 3D, a unique hyaluronic acid encapsulated in niosomes and Col-Frag remastered™ – an innovative ingredient that imitates a fragment of human type I collagen. Additional reinforcement was achieved with a cross-linked form of hyaluronic acid, which protects the epidermis against water loss.