UniTone Neuro Therapy

UniTone Neuro Therapy is intended for the fight with discoloration of different origin: post-inflammatory, hormonal, post-sun and vascular discoloration. The concept of neurocosmetics is based on the effect of melanocytes which are cells of neural origin. This is an innovative approach towards brightening of discoloration and changing the color by affecting factors and receptors responsible for melanogenesis.
The line is recommended for use throughout the year. It prevents and eliminates already existing pigmented lesions. It is also recommended after acid treatments, IPL, laser hair removal, wax hair removal and shaving.

Advantages of line:
• efficient brightening of the skin based on the latest tests
• efficiency of active substances with different properties
• the highest recommended concentration
• reduction of post-inflammatory and hormonal discoloration as well as those resulting from exposure to
UV radiation
• prevention against discoloration resulting from peels, IPL and laser therapies