Whether in a man or a woman, the hair is regarded as one of the key aspects of a person’s appearance. We care for it, try to provide it with all the necessary nutrients, yet sooner or later, there comes a time when we start noticing hair loss, with some people even gradually going bald.

Hair loss has become one of pressing problems in the contemporary society heavily focused on attractive looks. Daily, we lose from 50 to 100 hairs by a natural process, related to human physiology, yet sometimes matters take a more serious twist. Excessive hair loss affects 50% of men over 40 years old. In women, the process may start as early as in their mid 20s. According to the statistics, even 60% of women may find themselves afflicted with this health- and appearance- related issue. Hence, the hair causes many people major distress at some stage in their lives, even though it should add to our overall sense of wellbeing and satisfaction with life, and our appeal. It is often dry, brittle, damaged, and very prone to falling out and thus thinning. There is no denying this has an adverse effect on the appearance of men and women alike.

Why do we lose hair to begin with? This is so unfair!

Hair loss occurs due to multiple reasons, including hormonal shifts, medication, hectic, stressful lifestyle, environment, or inadequate care. A lot depends on how strong and immune to adverse influences our hair is by genetic disposition.

There are certain things we can change to stop excessive hair loss, whereas other circumstances are out of our control. The most common reasons underlying hair loss include the following:

  • brushing the hair in a wrong way, or consistently wearing certain hairstyles, like the pony tail, that have a negative effect on the scalp (due to pulling and traction).
  • cosmetic routines that burden and damage the hair, such as frequent  colouring, straightening, perm, or high temperature blow drying,
  • toxic substances present in our system,
  • smoking,
  • stress, which is currently believed the major hair loss-inducing factor,
  • some diseases, especially systemic ones, such as overactive and underactive thyroid, or SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), commonly known as lupus,
  • medications such as anticoagulants, contraceptives, etc.
  • both male and female hormonal disorders and variations.

It seems that human hair is daily subject to damaging influences, with the problem aggravating on a global scale within the contemporary society. Many people are unaware of the consequences of excessive hair loss, often ignoring it in its initial stage.

Contemporary cosmetology to the rescue

The sooner we realize the problem, the easier it is to control it. Contemporary cosmetology is strongly committed to finding a solution to the problem of hair loss and balding, as well as diseases such as psoriasis. Trichology, which is the science studying the human hair, its function and diseases, is a very dynamically growing and advancing field overlapping medicine and cosmetology. There are numerous methods and treatments aimed at improving the condition of the hair and the scalp, strengthening, conditioning them, and reducing the susceptibility for hair loss.  Microneedle mesotherapy performed with Arkana skin roller are among them. These are treatments stimulating hair growth, strengthening hair follicles, and reviving the scalp.

For visible, long-term effects, it’s best to try a combination of professional, salon-based treatments and home-based skin care. Hair Revival Serum in our offer is a specialist care product rich in Capixyl™, formulated to boost hair growth, equally recommended for men and women.

One of the most effective treatment methods available to the trichologist is without a doubt carboxytherapy. It consists in injecting the scalp with carbon dioxide to stimulate blood circulation, thus ensuring it receives an increased amount of oxygen and nutrients. An enhanced network of blood vessels ultimately translates into revived, stronger hair with healthier structure.

If there is something that makes us feel uncomfortable about the way we look, it is best to simply take purposeful action to change it. Perhaps now is just the right time to say goodbye to the annoying and distressing hair loss?