When hair loss is a problem and how to prevent it

The process of hair loss is natural and inevitable. It should not bother you only when the amount of hair found on your clothes, hairbrush or carpet does not exceed 100 hairs. You do not have to count them, it is even impossible, but you can reasonably assess whether the problem of excessive hair loss relates to you as to 5% of women aged under 30 and to 60% of women aged above 70.

Hair loss is a physiological process. We lose hair every day and there is no need to worry if new hair appears in its place. Lifestyle, hormones, stress and improper diet contribute to the disorder of this process. The faster you notice the problem, define its causes and undertake appropriate treatment, the greater chance you have again bushy hair.

Why do I lose my hair? The causes of hair loss

Why do I lose my hair? Stress may be and often is the main cause and more and more people are prone to it. The deadline of an important project is approaching, your child is to take an exam at school, your flat needs solid cleaning, but you do not have time for it – we lead a stressful lifestyle and due to it not only our body but also our appearance suffers. Excessive hair loss may be caused by a slowdown of blood circulation as a result of which the scalp struggles with dehydration. Furthermore, human’s psyche is also of great importance. In stressful situations we tend to scratch our head, which also provokes hair loss.

Baldness has hormone disorder origins. Women are prone to large and frequent changes due to their menstrual cycle course. What is more, new mothers also complain of excessive hair loss. Hair loss after pregnancy is caused by fluctuations of estrogen levels; these are hormones responsible for the extension of hair growth phase. During pregnancy, their level is high and after pregnancy, their level lowers. Thinning hair is weaker and dull. It is difficult to deal with this process, thus in this case the treatment aimed at hair growth acceleration is applied.

Moreover, hair loss results from a diet poor in vitamins, minerals and protein. Thinning hair is the problem that concerns especially those who follow strict slimming treatments. Weak hair can also have genetic origins.

Help weak hair

The intensity of the problem of excessive hair loss and a growing motivation to take up effective actions contributed to the development of modern methods of treatment. One of the best methods that gives the fastest results is mesotherapy with the use of active ingredients with high concentration. Their task is to stimulate the skin and the division of cells that build hair. Their regrowth occurs only after several treatments. The treatment, therefore, requires patience but the effects will make up for this waiting time.

Hair regrowth can also be accelerated by choosing the appropriate preparation stimulating their growth. In order to increase the penetration of active substances, apply a stamp for micro-needle therapy. It is adapted to the application of Arkana elixirs and it allows increased effectiveness. Home treatments of puncturing the scalp with a 0.5mm stamp should be performed once a week. Rub the serum with the PRP-effect daily into the scalp for 3 months. This is a preparation with a high content of GHK-Cu, stimulating hair growth and simultaneously blocking the process of hair loss.

In order to protect yourself against the problem in the future and to prevent excessive hair loss, control your hormone level, eat healthy food, protect your hair against the sun and limit your treatments, i.e. dyeing, straightening and drying, and no harm will come to your hair!

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