Treatments and beauty care for mature skin

What should proper care of mature skin look like? The best step is care and prevention. Today, with the advancement of scientific knowledge, it is possible in a beauty salon not only to fight the signs of aging, but also to actively delay this process at the molecular stage. The aging of cells consists in the loss of their ability to divide and a decrease in the possibility of contact with others, and thus the degradation of the extracellular matrix and collagen and elastin fibers.

Skin care for mature skin
At the beginning, it is worth getting to know the problem faced by such skin. And, of course, these are wrinkles unwanted by customers – of two types.

The first of them are mimic wrinkles resulting from the action of facial expressions – muscle movements. It is through them that emotions are expressed that help us in everyday communication with others. At the beginning, they are visible only during movement, with time they deepen, which is why prophylaxis is so important in counteracting them. The second type are gravity wrinkles, which we notice in the jaw and chin area as the lost oval of the face. We then observe the so-called “hamsters” and the disturbed face contour in the “V” zone.

The range of treatments that we can offer in the care of mature skin is very wide. So let’s start with the basics – peptides as allies in the care of mature skin. Understanding the aging processes and understanding the physiology of the skin and biochemical processes taking place in it allowed for a breakthrough in cosmetology and the creation of synthetic biomimetic compounds – peptides – inspired by natural forms. They work by mimicking the skin’s natural physiological processes to reverse the aging process. In a mature skin care salon, it is worth proposing the Peptide Pro Age line and the Biomimetic Lift Up Cream and Biomimetic Eye Cream products.

The botox-like effect in the care of mature skin
It is advanced research in the field of medicine that we owe the creation of conotoxins – peptides that are found in the venom of marine snails. They have achieved great potential in the treatment of pain and neurological diseases. How does this relate to the care of mature skin? Some of these compounds have been found to be an excellent alternative to botulinum toxin, as they ultimately block muscle contraction and, as a result, relax mimic wrinkles. This is another treatment proposal for your clients – both in the office and in home care. In the clinic, use Bo2Look Serum for the best results with microneedle mesotherapy, and recommend Bo2Look Elixir for home care.

Gravity wrinkles
Here, too, we have a ready-made solution for your clients. As we already know, the second part of the facial skin (the lower one) struggles with gravity and suffers from loss of elasticity and firmness. Here, ARKANA chose the PROGELINETM peptide inspired by research into progeria – a genetic disease characterized by accelerated aging. In office care, we recommend a treatment with the use of V-Zone Serum + V Shape Mask, and for home care, V-Zone Reconstructor.

In order to achieve maximum effects, it is worth combining the treatment with the “lift up” effect in the V zone and the botox-like effect. We recommend then using Bo2Look Serum on the upper part of the face and on smoker’s wrinkles, and V-Zone Serum on the lower part of the face skin. The entire treatment can be enriched with microneedle mesotherapy and finished with a V Shape Mask.

Meso-botox in the care of mature skin
The mesobotox-like treatment, like most therapies in cosmetology, was inspired by aesthetic medicine. It is based on the action of neuropeptides. HAPA-5 Peptide contained in Bo2look Serum XEPTM – 018 and in Neuro Peptide Mask – Peptide HAPA-5 are a guarantee of spectacular effects of the treatment. It is worth mentioning that THE FIRST IN THE WORLD, made of hybrid bionanocellulose, the innovative Neuro Peptide Mask has the unique properties of absorbing active substances and then penetrating into the skin. HAPA-5 neuropeptide will perfectly cope with reducing the visibility of wrinkles, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, have a smoothing effect and improve skin elasticity, thus being a response to the main problems in the care of mature skin. XEPTM – 018 peptide is a patented neuropeptide that is an ideal, non-invasive alternative to botox , relaxes the facial muscles and reduces the visibility of mimic wrinkles.

Beauty ceremony
A unique combination of 2 biostimulators that naturally strongly stimulate regenerative processes in the skin. These include two perfectly working active ingredients in the care of mature skin – hyaluronic acid and succinic acid. The first one is the most important component of the intercellular matrix, it has an immediate moisturizing effect, accelerates skin regeneration, fills wrinkles and improves skin firmness. Succinic acid, on the other hand, has redermalizing propertiese, it is a strong biostimulation, reduces oxidative stress, affects metabolism and the energy level of cells. Intensively regenerates and protects the skin against rapid aging. The Treasure Collecton – Amber Re-Derm Cermony treatment, i.e. a beauty ceremony, is an ideal solution for people who want to act prophylactically on the skin, but also for those who want to eliminate the first signs of aging on the skin.

Skin care for mature skin- perfect gift for Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Day
The presented treatments are an ideal proposition on the occasion of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Day. Yes! Do not be surprised, but our treatments are also a perfect proposition for men who struggle with the aging process of the skin just like women. Prepare ready-made gift vouchers for unique treatments dedicated to the care of mature skin. Complete the beauty salon offers with home care products and create unique gift sets.