Skin revitalization-the action of peptides

Human skin is an organ that performs many important functions in the proper functioning of the body – it protects against mechanical injuries, solar radiation and free radicals. It also allows us to respond quickly to pain and touch. Our skin’s appearance is immediately reflected by hormonal changes, improper diet and stress. That is why the skin is extremely exposed to accelerated aging processes, loss of elasticity and premature appearance of wrinkles.

Fortunately, the epidermis gives us a chance to delay the aging process. Thanks to the ability to pass active ingredients, innovative treatments and cosmetics come to the rescue, which revitalize, model and rebuild our skin and renew its protective coat. Today we want to draw your attention to two leaders in anti-aging cosmetology – modeling peptides and carboxytherapy.

Peptides in cosmetology – salutary discovery for mature skin

Do you know that every process in our body needs substances that will act as “modelers”? Just such an important task rests on peptides – thanks to them fibroblasts are stimulated, which are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Unfortunately, the amount of peptides decreases over the years, and due to their deficiencies, weakening of natural repair processes, loss of density and visible skin aging occur. In the graph we developed, you can see how skin density changes depending on age.


Let’s now look at biochemical peptides. These small organic compounds made of amino acids have the ability to bind to a specific cellular receptor. All thanks to the “signal sequence”, which is the sequence of amino acids that enable effective action at a specific destination. German professor Günter Blobel received the Nobel Prize for his work on describing peptide signals. This important discovery inspired the ARKANA laboratory to create the PRP-like and Carbo V lines.

PRP-like Therapy

The effect of this strong anti-aging shock therapy is the effect of using two innovative peptides: W3 Peptide and GHK-Cu. They work by remodeling the skin and restoring its young and fresh look. GHK-Cu reactivates skin stem cells, reverses the aging process and stimulates repair processes. W3 Peptide is an active ingredient inspired by the Nobel Prize. It regenerates and strengthens the skin, visibly rejuvenates, and also stimulates hair growth and stops hair loss. Fractional stamping with PRP effect supplemented with home cosmetics is recommended especially for skin requiring rapid regeneration, with various signs of aging and loss of density.

Carbo VⓇ Therapy

Discover therapy using the power of peptides and the effect of carboxytherapy. The power of the Carbo V line results from the use of ProgelineTM modeling peptide, xymenic acid and arginine. PROGELINETM is a valuable peptide whose modeling properties improve the face oval in the “V” zone. The peptide rebuilds the skin sculpture and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. We recommend the Carbo VⓇ Therapy series if you are looking for effective care for gray, tired and nutritious skin. The reconstructor assisted by home care is a guarantee of reconstruction of the lost sculpture on the jaw and chin line. You will notice the rejuvenating effect after the first treatment.

Carboxytherapy – the most promising skin revitalization technique

Carboxytherapy is talked about in the context of cellulite reduction, and is also seen as an alternative to botox and liposuction. The procedure involves intradermal or subcutaneous injection of controlled doses of carbon dioxide. Everything is done with the help of small needles. Carbon dioxide stimulates a number of processes that result in the formation of new capillaries, i.e. a network of blood vessels. In the place where CO2 is given, blood flow increases, which is equivalent to better transport of oxygen and nutrients. Carboxytherapy also helps break down fat deposits and stimulate collagen. As a result, the skin becomes elastic and firmer.

Carboxytherapy effects

Strengthening and regeneration of hair bulbs and inhibiting hair loss.
Reduction and elimination of skin aging effects, such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, change of color, bags or dark circles under the eyes.
Firming and smoothing the skin, eliminating cellulite, as well as improving the appearance of the figure.
Reduction of scars and stretch marks.

Find the perfect product for you

Remember that modern aesthetic cosmetology offers much more modern revitalizing therapies. Choose them together with a trusted cosmetologist or dermatologist. Analyze together the needs of your skin and choose the treatment that will cope with it best.

Finally, we want to remind you never to forget about moisturizing the skin. With our Hydrospheric, Cannabis or Transform HA lines, you will moisturize your skin, prevent transepidermal water loss, and regenerate dry epidermis, especially at low temperatures.