Retinol- gold standard of rejuvenation

The autumn and winter period is the best time to perform intensive exfoliating treatments in beauty salons. The treatment with retinol, which is called a remedy for all signs of skin aging, is very popular. Why is it worth offering our clients a treatment with vector retinol from ARKANA? What is better than retinol in its traditional form and when should you include it in beauty salons and in home care?

Retinol as we know 
Retinol is an alcohol derivative of vitamin A belonging to the group of the so-called retinoids. It is one of the most effective active ingredients in modern anti-aging (anti-aging) cosmetics. Discovered over 80 years ago, it is still a faithful ally in the fight against all signs of skin aging, such as: wrinkles, loss of elasticity and smoothness, uneven skin tone and discoloration.

Effect of retinol on the skin
The effectiveness of retinol lies in its targeted mechanism of action at the cellular level – it penetrates keratinocytes and fibroblasts by binding with the appropriate receptors. It is active in both the dermis and epidermis. It helps to increase the production of collagen, elastin and GAG, including hyaluronic acid. It regulates the process of exfoliation and multiplication of keratinocytes in the living layers of the epidermis – making it thicker. It also protects the resulting collagen against degradation and inhibits the activity of metalloproteinases that break down the intercellular matrix matrix in the dermis. It stimulates the formation of new blood vessels in the papillary layer. It plays an important role in inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, which has an influence on the lightening of spots and discoloration and reducing the tendency to their formation. The effect of retinol on the appearance of the skin is really impressive – it clearly improves the appearance of wrinkles, increases the firmness and tension of the skin and smoothes it. Its color-balancing effect, reducing hormonal and inflammatory discoloration as well as lentil spots is invaluable.

Retinol that can do more – Reti Fusion® Vecti + Peel
Pure retinol is already active at low concentrations. Professional ARKANA peel – Reti Fusion Vecti + Peel is retinol in a concentration of 5%, which leads to exfoliation of the epidermis, strong stimulation and cell renewal and the induction of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. The formula was enriched with a 3% concentration of retinol in vector carriers, which is additionally released during several hours of the peeling mask. The peeling effect has been enhanced with a special serum with a high content of vitamin C in two stable forms – ascorbyl palmitate and sodium ascorbyl phosphate, also enclosed in vector carriers. To ensure appropriate conditions for the penetration of retinol and vitamin C and to increase its effectiveness, the serum also uses a combination of encapsulated vitamins A, E and C as well as phytic acid. The encapsulation of vitamins in the right proportion ensures their simultaneous release and action at exactly the same time. The peeling is performed once a month and no more than 2 to 4 times in a series in the autumn and winter period, during which the skin is not exposed to UV radiation and has time to regenerate properly.

Retinoid reaction
Usually, after peel performed in the beauty salon, the skin reacts with irritation, redness, becomes dry and tense. You may experience a slight cough, itching sensation and even slight swelling. A retinoid reaction occurs, which is caused by the accumulation of retinol in the skin. This reaction can occur even after using retinol products for several days and is not cause for concern. You should soothe the skin with products from the Post Treat – Post Treat Gele and Post Treat Mask, which, thanks to their soothing substances will minimize skin discomfort. During this time, temporarily discontinue retinol products in home care and wait until the skin discomfort has passed.

It may also happen that the skin does not start to peel despite the Reti Fusion® Vecti + Peel peeling. It should be remembered that exfoliation is the result of the inflammation coming off the skin and does not always have to appear in a “visible” form. Often the skin renews itself, but at the cellular level. The retinoid reaction, as well as the exfoliation itself, does not have to appear a few days after the treatment, but up to a month, because this is how long the skin needs to regenerate. It is worth informing the client about it.

ARKANA Retinol in home care
ARKANA also offers home care products from the Reti Fusion® Vecti + Therapy line – cream with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E, C (Reti Fusion® Vecti + Cream SPF 15) and an Essential night mask with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E , C (Reti Fusion® Vecti + Essence Mask). The products can be used as an enhancement of a professional treatment performed in the office, in order to maintain the effects and as a preparation of the skin for it. It is best to start the preparation treatment a month earlier, and after the treatment, the products can be turned on after 7 days.

Recommend a treatment with Reti Fusion® Vecti + Therapy products to anyone who wants to reduce the effects of skin aging, such as: wrinkles, photoaging, discoloration, loss of firmness. Also remember that retinol can also prevent the signs of skin aging.