Express treatments for different skin types

You have probably wondered more than once which treatment will be right for your client. We advise you on what to consider when choosing a treatment, on which problem should act in order to select targeted therapies adequate to the needs and delight the client with the effects.

The sensitive area of ​​the eye
The eye area has always required special attention, in the current situation, where the mouth and nose are covered with a mask – this area of ​​the face has been particularly exposed. Therefore, it is worth bending over the skin of the eye area to make it look younger and also to overcome the 6 main problems of this area. Recommend your client a treatment using Eye Flower Peel. It’s perfect for the problem of wrinkles around the eyes, drooping eyelid, bags and shadows under the eyes, deepened “valley of tears”, drooping eyelid, loss of elasticity, and also as an anti-aging prophylaxis. The surgery in the office takes only half an hour. The formula of acid peel is safe for the eye, with no visible exfoliating effect. The treatment is completed with home care products: Eye Total Elixir, Eye Neuro Lift and Eye Illuminator.

Mature skin – instant effect
Staying on the topic of rejuvenation, it is necessary to pay attention to the Neuro Gaba Therapy treatment. Awarded in spring 2019, at the largest cosmetics fair Cosmoprof, the Neuro Gaba Lift Mask immediately lifts and tightens the skin, giving the effect of smooth, radiant skin. The Neuro Gaba Therapy treatment helps to even out deep furrows. Additionally, the combination of neuropeeling in the treatment with serum and mask allows you to achieve a spectacular effect of moisturizing the skin and filling wrinkles. The “wow” effect is guaranteed. It will be especially suitable as a banquet procedure, before grand events. The treatment itself may take up to 40 minutes, depending on the initial condition of the skin. In order to maintain the effects of the treatments – at home, recommend Neuro GABA & NANA Cream for daily use and Neuro GABA Lift Mask x 1 a week.

Mature skin – the power of retinol
The gold standard of rejuvenation, appreciated by dermatologists, recommended especially in the autumn and winter period, retinol is recommended for anti-aging prophylaxis. It works well in the treatment that reduces the effects of photoaging, discoloration, has a strong rejuvenating effect, reducing wrinkles. It is suitable for skins lacking firmness and tired. Closed in vector carriers, Vecticell® Retinol allows for deeper penetration into the skin, making it even more active and more effective. If your client is looking for a treatment that will help him have a comprehensive effect on the anti-aging skin, we recommend a treatment using Reti Fusion® Vecti + Therapy products. The treatment can be performed in two variants: with the use of chemical peeling, or relying only on the serum and mask. The treatment with the use of chemical peeling is a set treatment (it can be used for one client), and its execution takes only a few minutes. The client leaves the surgery with acid applied to it, which is washed at home after 6-8 hours. After the treatment, the skin should exfoliate. An alternative peeling is “Stimulating express rejuvenating treatment”, which is based on a serum and a mask sandwiched on the skin. The treatment will not cause visible exfoliation.

Problematic skin
For people struggling with the problem of acne, especially rosacea, we recommend the AzAc Peel treatment – a set treatment. The execution time is a few minutes. Similarly to the Reti Fusion Vecti + treatment, it is performed by applying acid peeling on the skin and washing it at home after 6-8 hours. It is ideal for problematic, contaminated skin, with seborrhea, and enlarged sebaceous glands. It works well with the problem of acne scars, and also brightens the skin, helping to reduce post-inflammatory discoloration. Suitable for sensitive and vascular skin. In order to strengthen the post-treatment effects in further care, AzAc Forte 15% Cream is recommended, which we use every day at night will help keep the skin in the best condition.

Problem: discoloration
If your client is struggling with the problem of discoloration of various origins – offer Phyto Fenol Peel. Peeling with plant phenol, i.e. containing phenolic acids: coffee, rosemary, salicylic, ferulic, almond. It can be combined with micro-puncturing, which increases the possibility of active substances penetrating deep into the skin. Scheme of application and operation with peeling is adequate to the above. The only difference is that it works on the skin a little longer for 8-10 hours. Due to the high content of acids, it is recommended to use it in the period of reduced sun exposure. J Evolution Cream or UniTone Neuro Cream are recommended as home care.

Problem: scars and stretch marks
The formula is based on the modification of the classic Jessner peeling, it is the perfect solution for people looking for a solution reducing scars, stretch marks or deep wrinkles and furrows. Perfect for thick skins resistant to other acids. Peeling J Evolution contains hexylresorcinol, a mixture of lactic and citric acids, vitamin C and bakuchiol. It can only be done in the fall and winter period, and the regeneration process may take about a week due to the intensive exfoliation process. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. After the treatment, use J Evolution Boost Cream to calm the skin, rebuild the lipid layer and prevent inflammatory discoloration.

Problem: overactive skin
If your client’s skin is overactive: reacts to temperature changes, turns red quickly or there are visible blood vessels on his face – offer the Neuro Sensi Therapy treatment. A quick treatment that immediately fights the problem of skin reddening, and also contributes to the shrinkage of visible blood vessels. Thanks to the many hours of work of active substances contained in the preparations applied to the skin, the effect of the treatment is visible after a short time after its implementation. The Neuro Sensi treatment will also work as an S.O.S. for irritated skin to soothe and soothe it. It also influences subjective sensations such as burning sensation, itching. Offer your client home care Neuro Sensi Cream and Neuro Sensi Mask to eliminate the problem of hyperactive skin.

Problem: stressed skin
With skin showing signs of fatigue, dull, dry, dehydrated, often even flaky skin, reach for Neuro Cannabis Therapy treatment. It is ideal for skins with a disturbed hydro-lipid barrier, thanks to the high content of plant oils – hemp and poppy. Additional support for a substance obtained from hemp stem cells – Kannabia SensePLF contributes to the regulation of the skin microbiome and also stimulates the synthesis of “happiness” neurotransmitters. The treatment also supports skin affected by dermatoses such as: atopy, eczema, psoriasis and during oncological treatment. For home care, recommend Neuro Cannabis Elixir-Cream day cream and Neuro Cannabis Cream-Mask for night.