Oxygenating treatments in beauty salon

Which product to choose for professional skin oxygenation treatments: a treatment set with a hydrogen peel effect or Oxygen Infusion Mask. The answers to how both treatments work and to whom they are addressed can be found below.

For whom?
More and more often, customers are looking for solutions that will help refresh their skin – brighten, remove impurities, dead epidermis. By wearing masks, but also by stress, free radicals are formed, which contribute to the degradation of collagen and elastin and disturbances of the hydro-lipid coat. The imbalance of lipids in the case of combination and oily skin may cause excessive production of sebum, clogging of the sebaceous glands and the development of inflammatory and acne lesions. Contaminated skin, as well as tired, gray or struggling with loss of elasticity, needs stimulation – the perfect solution is the hydrogen cleansing treatment without the ARKANA device.

How does ARKANA hydrogen peel work?
As a result of the chemical reaction between the active ingredients of the mask – H + Active Mask and the booster – H + Active Booster, the Bohr effect occurs in the skin, which contributes to the increase in the amount of H + hydrogen ions that bind free radicals. Thanks to the treatment, dead epidermis is removed from the surface of the skin and the sebaceous glands are unblocked. After the treatment, the skin becomes clearly cleansed, oxygenated and brightened.

The hydrogen purification treatment itself is an introduction to the next steps of salon care. For the best effect, you should use the equipment technology available in the office, or the manual method to force active substances into the skin. A good solution is to perform cavitation peeling, after washing the Mask + Booster H +, in order to “clean” the skin. What products will be used after hydrogen cleansing – it depends on the type and condition of the skin. The cost of the procedure cannot be clearly determined because it is modified and adjusted individually. The cost, therefore, depends on the preparations used later – masks, cheeses that close the treatment. The treatment with the effect of hydrogen purification is a treatment for every budget, which can be modified depending on the needs of the skin and the financial capacity of the client. It can be both a basic treatment, but also an exclusive one.

Oxygen Infusion Mask
In the case of skin showing symptoms of hypoxia: disturbed skin tone, dehydration and loss of radiance as well as premature formation of wrinkles, dryness, the Oxygen Infusion Mask one-component mask is recommended. Thanks to the use of hydrogen peroxide (for many years it has been used in cosmetics mainly to lighten the skin and hair), it provides oxygen molecules directly to the skin and removes dead cells. In addition, it reduces toxins and signs of fatigue, and evens out the skin tone and brightens the complexion. Perfect as an introduction to treatments with the use of cheese, masks, and even less intense acids. Prepares the skin for greater absorption of active ingredients. Oxygen also has cleansing and antibacterial properties, so it will also help cleanse and shrink the pores of the skin.

How it works?
The mask applied to the skin starts to work – hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with the enzyme present in the epidermis and dermis – catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide into molecular oxygen and water. The released oxygen molecules create a high pressure on the skin and then the oxygen molecules penetrate the skin. That is why the texture of the mask and the method of its application are so important. The mask should be applied with a brush in a thick layer and put on the skin for about 10 – 15 minutes.

During the operation of oxygen peeling, tingling is felt (related to a chemical reaction caused by the release of oxygen), and the texture of the mask will turn into a delicate foam. The remainder of the mask should be removed first with a spatula, and then washed off with a damp compress. At this stage, blood circulation is stimulated, thanks to which the skin is nourished and oxygenated. After the treatment, the skin is visibly brightened, smoothed, moisturized and refreshed.



H+  Active  Mask & Booster


Oxygen Infusion Mask
two-component one-component


Hydrogen peel effect – as a result of a chemical reaction between the active ingredients of the mask and the booster, the Bohr effect occurs in the skin, as a result of which the amount of H + hydrogen ions that bind free radicals increases  

The effect of oxygenation – the reaction of hydrogen peroxide (H202) with catalase, which decomposes it into molecular oxygen (O2) and water (H20)


oxygenating effect oxygenating effect


Cleansing action
Antibacterial effect
Opening the skin pores
Brightening effect
Stimulating effect
Increasing microcirculation in the skin