New Amber&Glycolic Exfoliator

This autumn new Amber & Glycolic Exfoliator has joined the Acid Therapy line of Arkana peels. It’s extremely universal product with a fast and wide spectrum of action. It is perfect for treatments with a rejuvenating profile for all skin types. The hybrid action allows you to combine peeling with various lines from the ARKANA offer. Find out how simple it is!

Exfoliation with glycolic acid in a new version

Glycolic acid has been known in the cosmetics industry for about a quarter of century. Obtained from sugar cane juice, it is best absorbed by the skin due to its specific chemical structure – it has the smallest molecules of all AHA acids, and therefore has a high degree of absorption. Thanks to this, it is able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and thus affect it throughout its entire thickness. As a result, glycolic acid is extremely effective and you can see the effects of its action almost immediately. It is liked and appreciated by specialists for its beneficial effects on the skin on many levels.

Properties of glycolic acid:

  • exfoliates dead skin cells, smoothing and refreshing the skin
  • removes blackheads, cleans pores, helps keep the skin clean
  • increases the penetration of active substances used in cosmetics
  • helps in the treatment of acne by preventing the formation of horny masses in the hair follicles
  • prevents excessive keratosis of the epidermis – reduces the thickness of the overgrown horny layer of the epidermis
  • improves skin hydration
  • reduces acne scars
  • brightens discoloration after sun and inflammation
  • stimulates the regeneration and renewal of the skin
  • thickens the epidermis
  • stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
  • improves the structure and density of the skin
  • reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates

First of all, glycolic acid actively stimulates the skin to regenerate, research shows that when used regularly, it thickens it by up to 25%. This is important as it gets thinner with age. Glycolic acid is also an invaluable transition promoter for active substances, so that they can work where we want – in the skin.

ARKANA, using the properties of the raw material, which is glycolic acid, adds a penetration promoter and a strong biostimulant – succinic acid to the recipe to enhance the peeling effect.

Glycolic acid and succinic acid – perfect combination

Amber has antioxidant, bactericidal and energizing properties. This gemstone produces a negative electric charge when rubbed against the skin. Thus, it ionizes it and restores its electrostatic balance, eliminating the positive ions that cause oxidative stress. It is one of the strongest natural antioxidants – a free radical scavenger.

Succinic acid is also a substance that occurs naturally in cells in the so-called the Krebs cycle. This process is about producing oxygen and energy for life. This happens under conditions of disease, hypoxia or inflammation. Hence the strong regenerative properties of fibroblasts and the anti-inflammatory effect of succinic acid.

Succinic acid is a strong biostimulant that is perfect for mature, dry, tired skin that requires revitalization and energy supply. Introduced into the ARKANA recipe, it improves skin hydration, nourishment and lubrication, and increases its firmness and elasticity. Visibly reduces skin roughness and the depth of wrinkles.

Action of succinic acid:

  • like AHA and BHA acids, it gently exfoliates, but in contrast to them, it does not irritate and is suitable even for very sensitive skin;
  • is a strong biostimulator that stimulates the skin to natural renewal;
  • participates in the cycle of biochemical changes leading to the formation of ATP – the energy necessary for the functioning of cells, activating their metabolism;
  • is a very strong antioxidant – it protects the skin against oxidative stress and premature aging;
  • reduces wrinkles and adds radiance to tired skin.

Amber&glycolic exfoliation

The combination of glycolic acid with succinic acid in the exfoliating preparation enables effective action on many levels, from gentle skin preparation to further steps in the selected procedure, to strong exfoliation and reconstruction of support fibers.

Amber & Glicolic Exfoliator is an intense biostimulating peeling that can be used in many ARKANA procedures. The synergy of action of glycolic and succinic acids enclosed in a gel matrix increases the redermalizing and rejuvenating effect.

Indications for the procedure:

» dry, gray skin with hydrolipid disorders

» skin deprived of vitality, gray and hypoxic

» mature skin with wrinkles, devoid of elasticity and firmness

» smoker’s skin

We start the procedure by cleaning the treatment area with the Acid Cleansing Gel, degreasing the Degresing Lotion and securing the sensitive areas with Post Treat Ointment, and the eyes with a compress and with Bioactive Face Toner.

Apply the peel in an even layer with a brush. The average application time is 5-10 minutes and depends on the individual skin reaction and the customer’s feelings. The skin should be monitored all the time and the customer should be asked about their impressions. In the case of sensitive skin, a shorter application is recommended (2-3 minutes) and a gradual extension during each subsequent session by 1-2 minutes.

We measure 5 ml of Acid Neutralizer into the treatment glass and apply it with a baguette or a brush to the treatment area. Leave it on the skin for about 1-2 minutes, then remove it with cotton pads and cold water.

In the last step, depending on the desired final effect of the treatment, we apply the ARKANA serum and mask matched to the needs of the skin.

With which ARKANA lines should the Amber & Glycolic Exfoliator be combined?

  • C-Fusion Glow – the effect of biostimulation, color improvement and natural glow
  • UniTone Neuro Therapy – support for brightening therapies
  • Reti Fusion Vecti Therapy – rejuvenating and rebuilding effect
  • Neuro Sensi Therapy – redermalization of vascular skin
  • Transform HA Therapy – enhancing the dermofiller effect

Working with clients in the beauty salon who expect immediate and long-term effects is a standard today. It is also a huge challenge, taking into account the widespread sensitization of patients’ skins, a number of internal factors affecting the health and appearance of the skin. A thorough interview and getting to know the client’s preferences, laboratory test results, learning proper home care and choosing the right treatments and products – all these activities contribute to the preparation of an effective “beauty” plan.

If you are already working with ARKANA therapies, try to strengthen their effects by preparing your skin for the Amber & Glycolic Exfoliator treatment! This is a new dimension of exfoliation thanks to the possibility of hybrid combination with active substances with a different action profile.