NEUROregulation of skin color

NEUROregulation of skin color

Not only can we notice the signs of aging in the form of wrinkles on the face, but also the change of its color in the form of stains and different discoloration. The negative impact of UV radiation on the skin and its effect in the form of pigmented lesions and photoaging have changed the approach of customers to sun exposure. Preparations containing high UV filter have become an inherent part of all-year care, not only in summer. Pigmented lesions seldom appear immediately after sun exposure. They emerge due to photoaging and harmful impact of free radicals, which cause photodamage and inflammation. Thus, using neurocosmetics with brightening and antioxidant properties throughout the year is a necessary protection against discoloration.



Melanocytes responsible for the production of melanin are nerve cells. As they are covered with dendritic spines, they contact skin cells and transfer the pigment through melanosomes to keratinocytes. In addition, melanosomes are able to merge with keratinocytes. As they are nerve cells, they strongly respond to the level of hormones, stress and inflammation. Their stimulation results in the increased activity of enzymes and excessive production of melanin. The emergence of discoloration is a complex process conditioned by numerous factors. Their elimination is difficult and requires more time. The advancement of lesions and their location have an impact on the final effects of treatment.


Types of discoloration

Discoloration can be divided into epidermal, skin and mixed discoloration. The most challenging type is mixed discoloration, known as vascular melasma, which accompanies numerous enlarged blood vessels, and those located deep in the dermis. Discoloration, uneven color and unaesthetic appearance are caused by various factors such as UV and HEV radiation, hormonal disorders, stress, aging, sensitivity, but also by inflammation and use of medications and cosmetics sensitising to light and internal diseases, i.e. thyroid or liver diseases. Melasma appearing during pregnancy, menopause and contraception is discoloration of hormonal origin. Solar lentigines, very common with elderly people, are the result of exposure to the sun. Post-inflammation discoloration is gaining more and more attention. Local stimulation of melanocytes occurs in dermatological diseases – acne, lichen planus, psoriasis. Contact dermatitis can be also caused by topical or general medications. These are, among others, antibiotics, anti-fungal medications, antidepressants, some herbal medications and their interactions with UV radiation. We are more and more aware of discoloration resulting from the use of peel substances, i.e. acids or laser therapies. They can appear due to excessive response to an exfoliant, too aggressive properties of a product or a method of its application, proneness to post-inflammation discoloration or improper care after undergoing intensive treatments.



UniTone Neuro Therapy is intended to fight against discoloration of different origin: post-inflammatory, hormonal, post-sun and vascular discoloration. The concept of neurocosmetics is based on the blockage of melanocytes. This is an innovative approach towards brightening of discoloration and changing the color through the effect on factors and receptors responsible for melanogenesis.

The combination of unique properties of an encapsulated peptide, tranexamic acid, licorice and vitamin C closed in spherical carriers is an effective solution for an even and healthy-looking skin color.

Synergy of active ingredients = effect after 4 weeks!

  • ß-White™ – a biomimetic peptide with high activity. The new mechanism relies on the influence on melanocytes and melanogenesis. It reduces the stimulation of melanocytes and properties of melanosomes. It inhibits tyrosinase by the effect on TPR1 I TPR2 receptors. It also influences the MITF factor responsible for the production of genetically programmed pigment. Comparative studies demonstrate greater effectiveness than arbutin and vitamin C.

It evens out the skin color and reduces the visibility of stains and discoloration after just 4 weeks.

  • Tranexamic acid was used by ARKANA for the first time in Unitone Therapy as early as 4 years ago. Its unique properties prevent the activation of melanocytes through inhibition of plasminogen activation system. Amino acid reduces the production of inflammatory substances – prostaglandins and inhibits the effect of tyrosinase in melanocytes and melanogenesis. It also inhibits the activation of melanocytes caused by UV radiation, hormones or damaged keratinocytes (after exposure to UV, peels, IPL or laser therapy). Tranexamic acid does not affect healthy cells not exposed to the sun. It has an effect on existing pigmented lesions and prevents their reoccurrence. Furthermore, TXA has an effect on vascular factors. It reduces erythema and has anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it can be used by those with very sensitive skin.
  • Niacinamide was included in the line as it inhibits the transport of melanin to keratinocytes, has anti-free-radical and anti-inflammatory properties as well as prevents the appearance of post-sun and post-inflammatory discoloration.


All-year treatment brightening discoloration at your beauty salon

A huge advantage of neurocosmetics is their effectiveness and wide application. It is recommended for all-year use in order to prevent and eliminate pigmented lesions.

It is also recommended after acid treatments, IPL, laser therapy, depilation and shaving.

During a professional treatment, a serum and mask are of the highest importance. Preparations can be used in combination with microneedles and acid exfoliation. A body balm intended for use after professional laser therapies and IPL in areas requiring whitening and soothing is our novelty.

It contains Quora NoniPRCF and shikimic acid, which regulate skin microbiome and reduce inflammation after shaving and depilation. It is also recommended as a preparation for laser therapies and IPL.


Home care enhancing the effects of treatment

UniTone Neuro Cream is a specialist product used during home care, which is the most important element of a therapy eliminating discoloration. The cream is recommended for all-year care. Applied under Sun Protect Cream SPF 50+ it enhances post-sun protection. It will perfectly work together with UniTone Forte-C Elixir, which contains VECTICELL® C, combining two stable forms of vitamin C closed in a spherical carrier.

This dedicated treatment will guarantee an even skin color and essential support in treatment series reducing discoloration.