Neuro Peptide Mask – innovation among sheet masks

The mask is capstone of any professional treatment in beauty salon. It is used in regenerating, anti-aging and aesthetic treatments. The most preferred form is a sheet mask – quick application, intended for 1 client. Any additional advantages? The customer can purchase the same mask for home care, thus extending the effect of the treatment. The sheet masks are very popular, especially after treatments that violate the continuity of the epidermis, where it is very important to maintain sterile treatment conditions. Today we present the most innovative mask on the beauty market – Neuro Peptide Mask. If you are looking for the perfect regenerating face mask or a mesotherapy mask, you’ve just found it.

It’s absolutely innovative solution used in the sheet mask. ARKANA is the FIRST brand in the world to introduce a mask made of hybrid nano-biocellulose. What does this mean in practice? Thanks to the combination of the properties of biocellulose and spider proteins, the mask gains a dense, three-dimensional membrane and thus greater durability and is more absorbent. The mask has an occlusive effect, supporting the absorption of active ingredients. The mask formula allows not only better transport, but also prevents secondary wound infections.

In addition to the innovative material, it is a mask with a neuro – biomimetic peptide – HAPA-5 peptide. This peptide, used for the first time in cosmetology, is inspired by the peptide found in the octopus Hapalochlaema maculosa, or “poison peptide” responsible for the mesobotox effect. This peptide smooths the skin, improves its elasticity, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, has an antioxidant effect and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Of course, this is not the only ingredient of the mask, among them we can also find sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid, which will provide intense skin hydration, as well as rice bran and Chinese tea callus extract, and niacinamide, which in turn will provide a regenerating and soothing effect.

Neuro Peptide Mask is perfect as a mask after microneedle mesotherapy and as a soothing mask after acid treatment. Thanks to its action, it can also be used after aesthetic treatments of needle mesotherapy, with platelet-rich plasma, lasers, and fractional RF. It can be the culmination of any treatment – both the more advanced and the basic. It is also an ideal solution for summer as a dressing for skin irritated by sun rays, it will also perfectly fill the lack of proper hydration, and additionally leave the skin tight, smooth and wrinkle-free.

Meso-botox is one of the most frequently performed therapeutic procedures involving the combination of needle mesotherapy and botox in one treatment. Thanks to this procedure, we obtain the effect of moisturizing, smoothing and tightening the skin. Using the new Neuro Peptide Mask ARKANA, we can offer our clients a non-invasive treatment with a mesobotox-like effect. Throughout the treatment procedure, we will use Oxygen Infusion Mask – an oxygenating mask that will give the skin an immediate brightening and oxygenating effect, while preparing it for the application of Bo2Look serum relaxing wrinkles with the XEPTM-018 peptide. This peptide has a “botox-like” effect, thanks to which it visibly tightens the skin and reduces mimic wrinkles. The serum can be introduced manually or with the use of microneedle mesotherapy. The finish of the treatment with the mesobotox effect is the Neuro Peptide Mask, which will additionally moisturize and regenerate the skin and support the anti-wrinkle effect.

The mask, thanks to nano-biocellulose, gives a pleasant feeling of coolness throughout the application. It leaves a film on the skin for 20-30 minutes and does not dry out thanks to a special membrane. After its application, the skin remains smooth, taut and visibly illuminated. Neuro Peptide Mask will work well for a great exit, for a tired skin, in a series of treatments as well as for sensitive skin, capillary and even with the problem of excessive sebum.