Last minute treatments before Christmas

Time before Christmas is filled with looking for gifts for loved ones, cleaning, decorating the house, cooking and other daily duities. Individual pleasures – including the care ones – often fall by the wayside. So how can you feel beautiful in your skin and welcome the new year in a dazzling form even with a small amount of time?

Especially for the busy, we have prepared quick treatments that you can sign up for in your favorite beauty salon before Christmas. Immediate effect guaranteed!

Keep an eye on this procedure
One may be tempted to say that it is the eyes that have become our calling card in contact with other people, especially when our face is covered with masks. All the more, it is worth trying a procedure that will not only keep your youthful appearance, but also eliminate 6 major problems related to the eye area. Ask about the Eye Flower Peel treatment in your favorite salon. It is perfect for the problem of wrinkles around the eyes, drooping eyelid, bags and shadows under the eyes, deepened “tear valley” and loss of elasticity, as well as anti-aging prophylaxis. How much time do you need? This procedure takes only half an hour. The acid peel formula is safe for the eye and does not cause a visible exfoliation effect. The treatment is complemented by home care products: Eye Total Elixir, Eye Neuro Lift and Eye Illuminator, thanks to which your gaze will regain depth and shine.

Instant face lifting
The spectacular effect of lifting, moisturizing and filling wrinkles – this is what you can achieve thanks to the Neuro GABA&NANA treatment. Awarded in spring 2019 at the largest cosmetics fair Cosmoprof, the Neuro Gaba Lift Mask immediately lifts and tightens giving the effect of smooth, radiant skin. The “wow” effect is guaranteed. We especially recommend this banquet treatment when you want a quick result. It does not take more than 40 minutes, depending on the initial condition of the skin. In order to maintain the effects of the treatments – home, your cosmetologist will recommend Neuro GABA&NANA Cream for daily use and the Neuro GABA Lift Mask x 1 a week.

Skin in a good tone
If you are struggling with the problem of discoloration of various origins, choose the UniTone Neuro treatment. The combination of a brightening peel in the treatment with a layered serum and a mask gives the effect of lightened skin and even its color. Thanks to the long-lasting effect on the skin of active ingredients with a whitening profile, after just one treatment, your complexion will become visibly brighter and discolorations of various origins will be reduced. After the treatment, for home use, use UniTone Neuro Cream, which will strengthen the achieved results and protect the skin against new discoloration.

Sensitive skin
If your skin is overactive, that is, it reacts to temperature changes, it turns red quickly or there are visible blood vessels on the face – the Neuro Sensi Therapy treatment is for you. It is a quick treatment that immediately fights the problem of reddening of the skin and also contributes to the constriction of visible vessels. Thanks to the many hours of work of active substances contained in the preparations applied to the skin, the effect of the treatment is visible after a short time after its implementation. The Neuro Sensi treatment will also work as an S.O.S. for irritated skin to soothe and soothe it. It also influences subjective sensations such as: burning sensation, itching. In home care, choose Neuro Sensi Cream and Neuro Sensi Mask.

Relax for the skin

However, if your skin shows visible signs of fatigue is: dull, dry, dehydrated or has a tendency to flake, you must sign up for the Neuro Cannabis Therapy treatment. Due to the high content of vegetable oils – hemp and poppy seeds, it is ideal for leathers with a disturbed hydro-lipid barrier. Additional support for a substance obtained from hemp stem cells – Kannabia SensePLF contributes to the regulation of the skin microbiome, and also stimulates the synthesis of “happiness” neurotransmitters. The treatment also supports the skin affected by dermatoses such as atopy, eczema, psoriasis and during oncological treatment. For home care, ARKANA has created two creams: Neuro Cannabis Elixir-Cream day and night – Neuro Cannabis Cream-Mask.

Despite the pre-Christmas “fever”, find time for yourself and take advantage of the treatment in your favorite beuty salon.

If you fail to visit your favorite beauty salon before Christmas – ask a cosmetologist for advice on what care products you can use at home to achieve the best results. Conscious, daily care is crucial in achieving the best treatment results.