J Evolution Peel- advantages of the treatment

The autumn and winter period in beauty salons is conducive to making treatments based on the action of more aggressive acids. After holidays, customers come back with unwanted souvenirs in the form of, for example, discoloration. Is there a ‘remedy’ for skin problems?

Alternative to Jessner’s peel
J Evolution – revolutionized treatment by ARKANA is the answer to your skin problems. It’s revoluntary treatment, based on the action of classic Jessner peel and its modifications. The main component of the peel – resorcinol has been replaced with its safer and most importantly more effective form of hexylresorcinol. In combination with lactic, citric and salicylic acids, it gives amazing effectiveness. In addition, bakuchiol appeared in the composition of the peel – the already known plant component corresponding to retinol and the queen of vitamins – vitamin C.

Who is J Evolution treatment for?

First of all, for skin resistant to the effects of other peels and not giving the effects of therapy. The indication for its use is thick and resistant skin with photoaging problems, wrinkles, furrows and discoloration. This treatment is also great for stretch marks and scars. It is also an ideal solution to fight acne scars (after acne treatment).

Due to its strong action and exfoliation after its application, it cannot be performed in people with very thin and sensitive skin, with vascular hyperreactivity, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, with active inflammation, cancer, with isotretinoin treatment and reduced immunity.

What is the procedure?

Appropriate preparation of the skin for the treatment prevents inappropriate skin reactions and results in better convalescence. At least 2 weeks before the procedure, it is worth introducing acid products to home care – both for skin cleansing and in the form of a cream. In this case, we recommend the following products: Acid Cleasing Gel and Acid Flower Sollution, a month before it is worth implementing 28D Flower Peel, as a cream, depending on your needs, you can use Mandelic Recovery Cream or Glycolic Restore Cream, and for the day take care of proper skin hydration with Hydrospheric Cream or Lactobionic 5% Hyaluron Cream. Before the treatment, 7 days before the treatment, we do not perform epilation, electrolysis, dermabrasion, other treatments with acids and we do not use self-tanning products. For men, we do not recommend shaving the facial hair on the day of the treatment.

The treatment begins with a cosmetological interview in order to rule out contraindications to the treatment and to discuss in detail post-treatment recommendations and reactions that may occur. The client must sign the consent form for the treatment, agree to the photographic documentation. Then we proceed to the treatment process. We start with the proper cleansing of the skin with the Acid Cleansing Gel and degrease it. The cosmetologist also protects more sensitive areas: nasal wings, red lips and moles with Post Treat Ointment. The next step is the peeling application – two layers. Finally, the Extreme Regenerator cream is applied and, if necessary, Sun Protector SF 50+. After the application is completed, the client comes out with the peeling on the skin and rinses it at home with cool water after 12 hours. Before that, it is not advisable to apply additional products or contact the skin with water. Then he proceeds to the application of Post Treat Set products – soothing Post Treat Gel – until the exfoliation is complete, then Extreme Regenerator to support skin regeneration. One month after the peeling application, it is strictly forbidden to tan and the application of the Sun Protector SPF 50+ protective cream.

On the first day after the treatment, you may feel tight, the skin may also turn brown, after 2-3 days the process of exfoliation in the form of large patches takes place. Under no circumstances do we remove them ourselves, we allow them to exfoliate on their own. The total time of skin regeneration is about 4 weeks, during this time we do not perform peels or use acid preparations. After 14 days, you can make an appointment at the office for a treatment with lactobionic acid, which has a soothing and moisturizing effect. He is a real S.O.S. for sensitive, extremely dry and overactive skin, irritated by invasive treatments. To cleanse the skin during regeneration, it is worth implementing products from the Lactobionic line – gel and tonic.

Redness, burning, tension and irritation are normal post-treatment symptoms. It is not required to use preparations to further alleviate this condition. If in doubt, contact the cosmetologist performing the procedure directly. It is not advisable to act on your own without prior consultation.

We return to acid-based care after 4 weeks, until then we care for the proper regeneration of the skin. If we plan to repeat the treatment, we do not implement additional acid products.

The necessary number of treatments to achieve results is from 2 to 5. Treatments we perform no more than once a month. After the first treatment, we can see a huge difference in the quality of the skin. It is an excellent rejuvenating peel and for discoloration problems.