How to take care for skin during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. It is a joyful expectation, but also changes, also in the approach to skin care. Not all active ingredients and professional treatments are recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. What to avoid and what is recommended for the face care of pregnant women in the following blog.

Challenges during pregnancy
Pregnancy is a time associated with hormonal, metabolic and immunological changes that directly affect the skin. Cosmetics that have been successfully used before pregnancy very often irritate or sensitize during pregnancy. The skin of women at this time is particularly sensitive, prone to dryness, irritation, and even acne eruptions or pigmentation changes. The stretch marks may appear on the body (abdomen, breasts, thighs), but also cellulite, especially visible in the area of ​​thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips.

What to avoid?
Cosmetics containing acids and strong neurotransmitters or retinol should not be used by pregnant women and during breastfeeding, both in home care and during treatments performed in the office. It is impossible to say whether certain cosmetics, e.g. with lactobionic acid, should be absolutely excluded. There are no tests that clearly prove that some products are not harmful, so as not to harm the life and health of the mother and child in any way. In general, the principle should be to minimize any potential risks. The following treatments should be avoided in the beauty salon:

  1. with the use of currents and radio waves (iontophoresis, electrophoresis, darsonvalization and galvanization) due to the risk of burns and negative impact on the fetus
  2. warming up that may lead to circulatory disorders (e.g. sauna), using UV radiation (e.g. solarium)
  3. cavitation peeling and treatments with the use of ultrasounds,
  4. body piercing, tattoo and permanent make-up
  5. treatments using vitamin A and its derivatives that have a teratogenic effect on the fetus (e.g. in anti-acne therapies, rejuvenating, exfoliating, eliminating discoloration)
  6. treatments that increase pressure (e.g. lymphatic drainage), laser treatments, needle and micro-needle mesotherapy.

Cosmetics and care for a pregnant woman

During pregnancy, the skin needs hydration first of all, which is why the Hydrospheric Therapy line or Transform HA Therapy and the hydro-lipid coat (Neuro Cannabis Therapy) line are ideal, as there are frequent changes associated with atopy. If you need support in the care of contaminated skin, choose make-up removal products from the Pure Therapy line and A-QS Hacker Day Cream. Cosmetics from the Neuro Sensi Therapy line will solve the problem of hypersensitivity and the appearance of erythema and capillaries. Do not forget about sun protection and reach for Sun Protect Cream SPF 50+, and for strengthening UniTone Neuro Cream, which will protect against discoloration and reduce the already existing ones. Breast Push Up Cream will support the skin of the breasts, but also the abdomen, preventing stretch marks and making the skin firmer. Go for a gentle enzymatic exfoliation with Enzymatic Peel. Do not give up on preparations supporting the skin around the eyes and use the Eye Complex Care line safely.


Unitone Neuro Therapy (without UniTone Neuro Peel)

Neuro Sensi Therapy

Neuro Cannabis Therapy

Hydrospheric Therapy

Transform HA Therapy

A-QS Hacker Day Cream

Breast Push Up Cream

Eye Complex Care (without Eye Flower Peel)

Pure Therapy (also H + treatment)

Enzymatic Peel

Sun Protect Cream SPF 50+