Firm lips with 3D-effect- seductive look at any age

You use a lipstick or lip gloss, however, with time you notice that even after make-up your lips do not look as attractive and tempting as before. Your lips are aging and it is a natural process that relates not only to face and body skin, but also to your lips. The lips lose their firmness, while the wrinkles around them are more and more visible. It is a good moment to try to take care of them more carefully.

The kiss of time

Loss of mouth firmness, lip contour disorder and more and more visible wrinkles in this part of the face are the consequences of the aging process. At young age, we often pay little attention to the clearly enriched area around the mouth and only with the passage of time do we notice that this very significant “bulge” flattens and the lips lose their natural shape.

The contour around the mouth is no longer straightforward, but wavy. The smoker’s wrinkles become visible, and the corners of the lips are drooping, causing a “grief” look on the face. You can also observe the disappearance of the vermillion border since time deprives the lips of a natural, seductive red colour. There is no clear contrast between the lips skin and the skin around them.

The aging process is also associated with muscle relaxation. Therefore, facial expressions are also responsible for the deepening of wrinkles. Do you often smile? Are you a cheerful person and full-of-joy? You certainly beam with optimism, but wrinkles around your lips may appear earlier than with others.

Delicate and sensitive – how to reduce wrinkles around the mouth

The skin of the lips is unique. Unfortunately, it lacks a sufficient protective layer, so it is particularly exposed to adverse sun radiation and water loss. A small amount of sebaceous glands favors the aging process. Dryness hits the lips in winter or during strong sun exposure in summer, when they are more prone to chapping and cracking.

Wrinkles around the mouth can be eliminated using appropriate anti-age preparations. However, if you want to have as large and firm lips as ever, you should go a step further – choose a comprehensive care that includes a mouth peel, a lip mask and a special balm. Cosmetics containing properly selected active ingredients, a special formula and a convenient method of application will help you improve the condition of the lips, giving them a tempting and healthy look.

Lip modeling – 3D Lip Therapy – Arkana seduces, tempts and enchants

You do not know what to do to have larger lips? How to restore their firmness, deep colour and get rid of unaesthetic wrinkles? Or maybe you have doubts about how to care for your lips after enlarging them with hyaluronic acid? Arkana responds with a new line of products – 3D Lip Therapy – intended for comprehensive lip care. These are 4 unique cosmetics that will help you achieve 3D-effect in 3 simple steps.

The skin of the lips needs oxygenation and stimulation of the circulation so that the shape of the lips and their colour could clearly improve. To do this, apply a mouth peel using a convenient stick with rice and cranberry flakes once a week. The next step is an instant rejuvenation. The 3D rejuvenating mask with anatomical shape adapts to the shape of the lips, and it is a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and ceramides, which allows you to see the effects after just a 15-minute one-time application. The lip mask works perfectly after enlargement procedures with hyaluronic acid and micropigmentation, and also when you have only fifteen minutes to give your lips a seductive look – before an evening out with friends, before a date with a beloved one, and before a wedding or a banquet.

The third step is “the icing on the cake”, i.e. filling or protecting lips against overdrying. Arkana has prepared two sets – Cannabis Lip Summer SET with a cannabis lip balm to provide summer protection against irritations and 3D Lip Summer SET with a lip balm to add volume, fullness and firmness to the lips. The balm for fuller lips will certainly come in handy during the upcoming holiday trips. It will look great with your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.

Firm, large and full lips – so little is needed to look beautiful and tempting. Combine what’s pleasant with what’s useful. Test 3D Lip Therapy, and you will quickly find that your lips catch everyone’s attention!