Dry and dehydrated skin – beauty care at any age

Undoubtedly, the greatest challenge is the correct diagnosis of our client’s skin. People with oily and mixed skin, complaining about the characteristic shining of the skin, very often come to the beauty salon. When we suggest moisturizing the skin, a lot of surprise appears on the client’s face. Why?

Dry skin and dehydrated skin
The concept of dry skin is well known to both us and our clients. A characteristic feeling of tightness, flaking around the wings of the nose, cracked mouth corners and irritation. These are the most characteristic symptoms. When they appear, we can be sure that the client will admit that her skin needs immediate hydration. In the case of dry skin, the functioning of the hydro-lipid coat is disturbed. Therefore, we observe not only the symptoms of water deficiency in the epidermis, but also the symptoms of lipid deficiency.

So what is dehydrated skin? Dehydrated skin is not a skin type like dry skin. It is a temporary state. It can concern any of the 4 types of skin and we should familiarize our clients with it. The biggest surprise about skin dehydration is caused by the information that oily skin, with a tendency to seborrhea and excessive shine, can also show dehydration features.

Why? For a simple reason. People with oily and mixed skin very often use highly matting and drying preparations, e.g. based on alcohol. Consequently, their overactive sebaceous glands try to cope with dehydration, which makes their activity even more active. There is an overproduction of sebum, which makes it shiny and greasy. Explain to your client that proper hydration is recommended for everyone, regardless of skin type, and that the effects of proper care for dehydrated skin can be immediate.

Dehydrated skin – causes
There are many reasons for the insufficient amount of water in the epidermis. First of all, staying in air-conditioned and heated rooms, rapid temperature differences, stress, inadequate fluid intake, poor diet, and very often too “aggressive” care contribute to transepidermal water loss (TEWL). In case of doubts as to the level of skin hydration of the client, it is worth performing a computer analysis. Thanks to it, you can carefully check not only the level of skin hydration, but also its other parameters, and then choose the most appropriate care tailored to your individual needs. In addition, the customer will feel comprehensively diagnosed and professionally served.

Solution for dry and dehydrated skin
Hyaluronic acid comes to our aid! Its hygroscopic structure shows the ease of binding water molecules (1 HA molecule is able to bind up to 250 water molecules!), Thanks to which it is very often used in the production of moisturizing preparations. Our Transform HA Therapy series stands out in the market thanks to the use of unique (transformable) hyaluronic acid. It is available only in ARKANA cosmetics. The innovative structural form reaches the deeper layers of the skin, which guarantees an even better moisturizing effect, but also fills wrinkles and improves skin density. Cream – Transform Ha Filler in combination with the Transform HA Elixir elixir are the perfect solution for dry, mature skin. The products can also be used in anti-aging prophylaxis. Now in a promotional set – Rejuvenated and velvety smooth skin. Also try the products in the Progressive Filler-like Treatment in your Salon. You can find a set at a promotional price for your Cabinet here.

Hydrospheric Therapy – is an ideal proposition for dry, dehydrated or periodically dry skin. The active substances contained in the preparations of this series activate the water channels (AQP3), thanks to which there is immediate hydration. This is a very interesting series, recommended for customers of all ages who want to hydrate the skin and prevent the first wrinkles. Especially in the summer, when the skin is exposed to greater water loss, recommend Hydrospheric Light Cream to your clients, which will benefit dry skin during the day, and the Hydrospheric Intensive Cream will support it in night care.