Cosmetics with cannabidiol or … a bio-treatment that cosmetologists use more and more often

Hemp for years has been known for its medicinal and cosmetic properties. Hemp oil was used in the seventh century BC for body washing and cleansing. Until recently, hemp extracts aroused much controversy. Currently, cannabidiol products are no longer new to the market as they used to be – dried tea, hemp oil, ointments and creams are available in stores. The cosmetics market has gone crazy about their care and soothing properties. Why?

Hemp oil properties

Hemp oil (Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil) is a substance with a green-brown color and a slightly bitter spicy-nutty smell and taste. Due to the fact that it is a source of valuable acids that strengthen the skin: linoleic, α-linolenic, γ-linolenic, oleic and saturated fatty acids, it protects the skin, soothes, strengthens the epidermal barrier, protects it from frost, wind and drying.

Hemp oil for skin and cosmetics with CBD in Cannabis Therapy MD 

The Arkana Cannabis Therapy MD treatment, dedicated to the care of even extremely sensitive skin with a disturbed protective barrier, has enjoyed constant popularity since 2017, when market entry aroused fears, but also considerable interest in new products. Over the years, we have proven that our 100% natural repair treatment is based on unique active ingredients: CebidiolTM and hemp oil from hemp and poppy seed oil from medical poppy seeds.

The combination of such valuable plant extracts conditions skin repair on three levels. The addition of oils strengthens the effects of cannabidiol, and also strongly nourishes, regenerates the epidermis and reduces the feeling of tightness. In all preparations, the active ingredients have been deprived of the psychoactive substance THC and come from legal, organic crops.

Three-level repair therapy

Our series for home use has been divided into 3 repair levels:

LEVEL I, i.e. natural BIO purification …

Here you will find a perfectly cleansing, soothing, cannabis cleansing foam and a soothing, cannabis care tonic.


LEVEL II, i.e. the elimination of inflammatory reaction symptoms ...

We recommend our cannabis elixir with Cebidiol, which soothes irritations and relaxes the skin, as well as a mask in the Snow Mushroom patch that moisturizes and protects the irritated skin.


LEVEL III, i.e. repair of the skin’s protective barrier …

CBD creams and masks are the perfect complement to soothe the most dry and sensitive skin. Cannabis cream for dysfunctional skin and cannabis night mask with a creamy formula are perfect cosmetics even in the case of severe irritation and dermatological diseases.

ONKO cosmetics with hemp oil

Oncosmetics are preparations dedicated to the skin that struggle with itching, dryness, flaking and severe irritation, appearing as a result of oncological therapies. The Cannabis Therapy MD series is ideal for skin regeneration in people struggling with cancer. The uniqueness of Cannabis therapy resulted in cooperation with the Eva Minge Foundation, Black Butterfly, where our great client, Aneta Szpak – Korycka, performs treatments for the most needy and demanding skins – those under the Foundation’s care.