C-Fusion Glow- dermoesthetic shot of youth and vitality

For a long time, people have been looking for a mixture that will give them youth and vitality. When we think about the skin, first of all, we want it to be healthy, smooth and radiant. Among many treatments and procedures, we are looking for those that will provide just such an effect – rejuvenation, beautiful color, brightening. Contrary to appearances, the solution may be at your fingertips.

The active ingredients known, tested and effective are the key to success in cosmetics. Retinol, fruit acids, vitamins and antioxidants – this is actually a recipe for beauty. Among them, the immortal vitamin C – who of us has not yet appreciated its effects, can find out about its effectiveness today.

ARKANA discovers its new face – introducing it in the form of 3 forms. But he is not the only protagonist of the dermo-aesthetic treatment debuting this fall. The “shot” of youth and vitality is a combination of vitamin C and curcumin! It’s time to get to know the new C-Fusion Glow therapy from the inside out.

What is threatening for the skin nowadays?
Maintaining health and beautiful appearance is a real challenge these days. The aging of the skin is not only related to age, exposure to UV radiation or the functioning of the endocrine system. Whether our skin looks good depends not only on beauty treatments or extensive home care. You should also pay attention to the functioning of the whole organism, diet and lifestyle.

The skin is exposed to external stressors: pollution, HEV radiation, heating, air conditioning, and internal stressors: improper nutrition, disturbances in sleep rhythm or oxidative stress. As a consequence, chronic inflammation, accumulation of toxins and hindered regeneration processes appear. The skin becomes sensitive, discoloration, uneven structure appear, pathological changes intensify – atopy, psoriasis and acne. Chronic inflammation leads to irreversible cell damage that is not visible, slowly accumulating over decades, eventually leading to skin aging.

How to help our clients consciously care for their skin every day? Act holistically! Skin supplementation is a recipe for health and dazzling appearance.

Skin supplementation – new trend in cosmetology

How to support the skin’s resistance with vitamin C.
Vitamin C is the undisputed queen not only among vitamins, but also among cosmetic ingredients. It is also one of the most known and oldest cosmetic raw materials, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by many studies.

It is well known that humans do not have the ability to synthesize and store vitamin C – it must be constantly supplied with food. Oral supplementation, even with high doses, does not cause its accumulation in the skin, therefore its daily application in local application is essential. Why is it worth providing the skin with vitamin C? Its versatile operation speaks for it.

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, sealing blood vessels, inhibiting the production of melanin, but most of all it is essential in the process of collagen production. Therefore, it is worth including it in your daily care, regardless of the condition of the skin and age.

But vitamin C doesn’t like to act alone. Moreover, the results of the research have shown the significant effectiveness of its action when using a combination of various forms of vitamin C in one cosmetic preparation and other forms with other substances that work synergistically with it.

Vitamin C in cosmetics – what to pay attention to when choosing a product
Ascorbic acid, i.e. the form of vitamin C found in nature, is very unstable – it decomposes under the influence of oxygen, light and temperature, it is also unstable in cosmetic products, its solubility in water does not favor penetration into the skin, it only works in the epidermis. Additionally, it requires a low pH to be fully active, which may have an irritating potential. Modifications during biotechnological processes and chemical synthesis have resulted in the creation of new forms of vitamin C, soluble not only in water, but also in oils, much more resistant to decomposition under the influence of external factors, and above all, more effectively penetrating the skin.

The glow effect not only in make-up – treatments with vitamin C
C-Fusion Glow is a treatment with a shock dose of vitamin C in the three most effective forms and active curcumin, which gives it an extraordinary power of action. Vecticell® C contains a combination of two stable forms of vitamin C – sodium ascorbyl phosphate and ascorbyl palmitate closed in liposomes, thanks to which it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and there, when released gradually, it works for many hours. The third form is ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate – an extremely stable lipid form of vitamin C.

The advantage of ARKANA therapy is the combination of vitamin C with curcumin – a very strong polyphenol, which has remarkable protective properties – protects against external stressors: UV radiation, blue light and environmental pollutants, and strengthens the skin’s resistance. This gives a new dimension to skin care as supplementation of the skin with essential vitamin C and curcumin. Curcumin also adds a golden and radiant glow to the skin.

The illuminating effect is enhanced by Luminescine – a phytocomplex made of small-flowered mullein flowers with a unique ability to transform UV light into visible light.

Treatment with an immediate glow effect is recommended for:

  • all types of skin, regardless of age and gender
  • tired skins lacking radiance
  • urban skin and stressed skin damaged by the sun
  • smokers’ skin
  • as vitamin C treatments to complement other therapies

We start the procedure with removing make-up with Woman Definition foam, then tone up with Essence Water. In order to oxygenate the skin and increase the penetration of vitamin C, in the next step we apply the irreplaceable Oxygen Infusion Mask. Don’t forget to protect your eyebrows, eye area, nose and mouth with Post Treat Oitment. The next step is a shock dose of vitamin C-20% in combination with curcumin – adaptogen (naturally increases immunity) and Luminescine. This is a real shot of youth and immunity for the skin. A portion of the serum with vitamin C should be introduced manually / apparatus / micro-punctures. The treatment will be crowned with the application of a creamy C-Fusion Glow Booster mask, which we massage until absorbed. Already after the first treatment, we will get the effect of a healthy, rested face with a natural glow effect. The treatment is complemented by C-Fusion Glow Illuminator – a highlighter cream with a daily dose of vitamin C. We can treat it as a supplement or basic day and night care cosmetic.

Vitamin C for everyone- skin protection today and in the future
A diet rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, has a huge impact on the appearance of the skin. The combination of vitamin C and curcumin is known in energizing cocktails as well as in supplementation. Such a combination in topical application is a dermocosmetic “shot” for the skin – it is a dose of radiance, vitality and youth with an immediate “glow” effect. The treatment is universal for all skin types, for women and men. Dermocosmetics from this line can be combined with others, especially during therapy:

  • rejuvenating and aging prevention
  • eliminating the effects of photoaging
  • reducing erythema and sealing capillaries
  • lightening discolorations and evening out the color
  • enhancing treatments with retinol
  • improving the condition of the skin after chemical peels, laser treatments, RF, microneedling

Rediscover vitamin C – for healthy and radiant skin!