Bright and dark sides of the sensitive skin around the eyes

Thin and sensitive skin around the eyes makes it more vulnerable to the impact of external factors than in other areas of the face. In this particular area your emotions, mood, age, first signs of ageing and dark under-eye circles are clearly visible. These are the consequences of changes in the functioning of the mechanisms responsible for healthy and young-looking complexion, lack of components important for the skin and inappropriate care. Brush up on your knowledge how to properly take care of the skin condition.

Reasons behind dark under-eye circles

The main reason for frequent emergence of the dark under-eye circles is the structure of the skin around the eyes. It is thinner and thus more sensitive to the impact of external and internal factors. It lacks sebaceous glands and it has few fat cells. Furthermore, blood vessels are not as strong as those in other areas of the face. Blood vessels are also often seen through the thin skin, and they are fragile and particularly vulnerable to cracking. Apart from dark under-eye circles, the first wrinkles, i.e. mimic wrinkles, appear around the eyes. This delicate and thin skin reflects your health and lifestyle.

Dark under-eye circles  appear for many reasons. These are blood vessels that are visible through the thin skin. Another reason is that there is more melanine in this area. Your lifestyle is also a huge contributor to their appearance – the risk is greater when people smoke cigarettes, are subject to excessive stress, use diet that is poor in nutrients and overuse alcohol. Eyes with dark rings around them and dark under-eye circles are accompanied by the natural skin ageing process. With age, the skin becomes thinner and its level of moisture is damaged. It requires special care, treating skin under the eyes with a lot of care and matching cosmetics to the unique needs of the skin. Application of day and night face cream of heavy consistency overloads the skin, and a great amount of active ingredients can cause irritations.

Healthy and radiant skin

Elimination of the dark under-eye circles is a huge challenge for women. Biotechnologists who searched for the component that could effectively help to fight with this problem, discovered a unique tranexamic acid. It perfectly deals with reduction of photodamage, evens out the skin tone and brightens the skin. It also calms and soothes irritations, itching and redness. It demonstrates the ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, thereby reducing visible dark under-eye circles. Another acid that is characterized by important activity for the skin around the eyes is lactobionic acid. It has moisturizing properties and protects the skin against harmful impact of free radicals.

The cosmetics line and professional Eye Illuminate Therapy treatment came to life thanks to the combination of these two acids. The preparations also include vitamin C in the new active form that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, thereby stimulating production of collagen. It also supports brightening of discolourations and sealing of blood vessels. Brightening pigments reflecting the light and caffeine, which boosts your circulation, both reduce swellings.

A flagship cosmetic from Eye Illuminate Therapy is a luxurious brightening cream for the eyes – Eye Illuminator. Its composition is based on tranexamic acid and lactobionic acid, vitamin C and caffeine. Due to the unique formula, the skin is brightened, and symptoms of intense lifestyle and effects of ageing process are reduced. The best effects can be achieved by using the cream with Eye Illuminate Serum that has a greater concentration of active ingredients. We recommend using them for night to allow the skin to rest effectively.

Everyday care may be not only a necessity but also a pleasure. When applying the preparations into the area of the eyes, gently tap them with your fingertips, massage slightly in circular movements starting from the corner of the eye, to the upper lid and to the skin under the eye. It is an extremely relaxing home treatment thanks to which you and your skin will look perfect.

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