Biostimulators and their influence on skin redermalization

“I don’t want to get old, I want to stay as I am” – Marylin Monroe

Aesthetic medicine offers a wide and varied range of services. Most often we associate it with lip filling, face oval correction or the use of Botox. Its main purpose is to repair, restore, fill or change tissues. All these procedures require injections, excluding the patient from normal functioning for the next few days. You should also take into account the risk of interfering with facial features, and most of all, we would like to maintain an unchanged, youthful appearance for many years. Get the effect of a naturally looking, rested, relaxed and well-groomed face.

Tissue biostimulants to improve the quality of the dermis
The emergence of modern techniques, preparations and the combination of therapeutic methods give more and more opportunities to prevent skin aging and restore its state before this process. Regenerative medicine is a powerful healing branch that focuses its activities on restoring the appearance and function of tissues, including the skin. Doctors work with stem cells, platelet-rich plasma and tissue stimulants.

Tissue stimulators are a popular trend today not only in aesthetic medicine, but also in cosmetology. These are preparations used in anti-aging medicine to rebuild the skin structure thanks to the stimulation of collagen and elastin. After application, they give very natural effects of improving the firmness, density and quality of the skin. The group of biostimulating preparations is large and is constantly expanding. However, each of them is different, significant differences are found in terms of: the type of active substances, mechanism of action, indications, areas of treatment, injection techniques, results and their duration.

How to get natural effects og firmness improvement?
Can we offer our clients an alternative to medical treatments? Are there procedures that will effectively stimulate the skin to regenerate, renew, revitalize?

Of course! You will find them in the ARKANA offer. First of all, you can combine many of them with a strong biostimulating effect of micro-punctures by a roller or a fraction. The combination of treatments with the technique of heating tissues with radio or infrared waves will intensify the redermalization effect.

By giving the skin the right stimulus, we are able to stimulate it to self-regenerate. Such action not only “boosts” the effects of treatments, but most of all stimulates the cells of the dermis to authentic renewal. By using natural repair and rebuilding processes, we are able to restore its density, elasticity and elasticity quickly and with a good, long-lasting effect. The action at the level of the dermis is also a great effect on its surface – that is, a healthy and beautiful epidermis.

Innovative treatments that will make you stand out from the competition

The latest aesthetic and cosmetic treatments are designed to:

Redermalize – that is, counteract the effects of premature aging. It consists in a multi-level action that stimulates cell renewal by eliminating free radicals and deeply moisturizing and preventing dehydration of the dermis.
Biostimulate – that is, stimulate the natural regenerative abilities of the skin in order to improve the hydration, tension, density and firmness of the dermis.

Injections with the use of tissue biostimulators or vampire facelift are great for skin rejuvenation, but let’s not forget about the already known and effective stimulants in cosmetology:

  • Retinol
  • Peptides
  • Amino acids
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Succinic acid
  • Sodium succinate

When creating a rejuvenating beauty plan, remember that the first step may be retinol exfoliation – Reti Fusion Vecti + Peel. Go ahead and combine or alternate Amber Re-Derm Ceremony with PRP Therapy. For even better results, use the micro-puncture technique or physical stimuli in the treatments.

Hyaluronic acid and succinic acid – improve the condition of the skin
Biostimulants are substances with natural ability to stimulate regenerative processes in the skin. In the new treatment, ARKANA uses intensified effects thanks to the stimulation of skin cells with hyaluronic acid and succinic acid.

We associate hyaluronic acid with instant and long-lasting hydration. It can work on many levels by using various forms of it in preparations: low and high molecular weight. It ensures the integrity of the epidermis, accelerates regeneration, but also improves firmness and fills in wrinkles.

Succinic acid and sodium succinate is a strong biostimulant. It affects the metabolism and energy level of cells, intensively regenerates. It has redermalizing properties – it has antioxidant properties, thanks to which it protects the skin against premature aging.

Redermalizing treatment to enhance anti-aging therapy
For the 10th anniversary, ARKANA offers you a “jewel” – a licensed treatment of the future, which is based on a strong biostimulating effect. The Beauty Ceremony is a unique combination of 2 biostimulators, which in a natural way

They strongly stimulate regenerative processes in the skin.

It’s only 45 minutes to beautiful skin:

Step 1. Clean the skin with Lactobionic Micellar Gel.

Step 2. Toning the skin with Lactobionic Micellar Toner.

Step 3. We protect sensitive areas with Post Treat Ointment and apply Amber Re-Derm Exfoliator to the face, neck and cleavage for 2-5 minutes. The application time depends on the individual skin reaction and the customer’s feelings. After this time, wash the peeling thoroughly with cool water. During the operation of the exfoliator, the customer may experience tingling and stinging. The skin may be pink. Don’t worry, this reaction is welcome – we stimulate it at this stage!

Step 4. Massage Hyaluron Re-Derm Coctail onto the face, neck and eye area. The treatment can be extended with the use of microneedling techniques or the introduction of serum with the use of equipment (needle-free mesotherapy, sonophoresis) – using a roller or a fraction, we add a stimulus with a similar effect to a strong biostimulator, so the effect will be even better!

Step 5. Massage Amber Re-Derm Amulet on the Hyaluron Amber Re-Derm Coctail layer – the combination of two ampoules gives an enhanced effect!

Step 6. Apply the Amber Mask for 15-20 minutes, which will gently wrap, mute and … stimulate again! The LipoMask technology transports active substances deep into the skin within 5 minutes. It uses the effect of amber powder and a complex of copper, zinc and magnesium that remineralise and energize the skin. Callus hibiscus extract and black rice sake enhance the rejuvenating and moisturizing effect of the mask.

Step 7. At the end of the treatment, we apply Amber Re-Derm Enhancer – a luxurious biostimulating cream that will improve the firmness, density and condition of the skin.

Immediately after the treatment, expect radiance and energy, and after the series – thicken and natural rejuvenation of the skin!

Combining techniques and stimuli guarantees the best results

The tangible and visible effects of redermalization after the Amber Re-Derm Ceremony are:

  • rejuvenation and lifting
  • skin regeneration
  • improvement of color
  • shallowing of furrows and wrinkles
  • improvement of the skin structure
  • skin full of radiance and energy

In order to keep them as long as possible, in the care routine, offer the client a Redermalizing cream with succinic and hyaluronic acid – Amber & Hyaluron Re-Derm Energizer.

This luxurious cosmetic contains a unique combination of skin biostimulants: succinic acid, amber extract and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. During application, it gives a unique sensory experience: first, the skin appears “wet skin”, then the cream turns into a silky emulsion, which, when absorbed, gives the skin a velvety finish and exceptional smoothness. It improves the firmness, density and quality of the skin. Recommended for 24/7 or night care of all skin types. Compatible creams in the sandwich or day / night technique are – PRP Rejuvenator, C-Fusion Glow Booster, Woman Definition Estri Cream.

When creating a beauty plan, remember to combine appropriately selected stimuli, treatments and home care. This will allow you to stand out from the competition. An individual, holistic approach and long-term planning is a guarantee of success. ARKANA procedures and cosmetics will be perfect.

Discover the real treasure for your clients’ skin … Amber Re-Derm Ceremony.