Beauty ceremony for your skin

We present real beauty ceremony – Amber Re-Derm Ceromony – treatment that premiered during the 10th anniversary of ARKANA. The uniqueness of this line is not only the unique combination of active ingredients, but also the availability. The brand’s new treatment will be available only in selected ARKANA beauty salons.

Increased power
The action of the treatment is based on a combination of 2 biostimulators – succinic acid and hyaluronic acid, the combination of which has a unique and enhanced power of action. They naturally stimulate strongly regenerative processes in the skin. The treatment provides the effect of skin redermalization, i.e. a method of preventing aging and renewing the skin, is based on a multi-level action that stimulates cell renewal, reduces the effects of free radicals and deeply moisturizes and prevents dehydration of the skin.

Both hyaluronic and succinic acid belong to the group of biostimulators, i.e. active compounds that naturally stimulate the regenerative processes of the skin. As a result, the skin is smooth, it increases its tension, improves hydration, and increases its density and firmness.

Amber – amulet of youth
Amber is the only vegetable precious stone. Like pearls and coral, it belongs to the group of organic gems. Amber extract improves cellular and microcirculation metabolism, and accelerates the regenerative abilities of the skin. The main active compounds of amber are terpenes and succinic acid. The acid has a redermalising effect, is a very strong biostimulator, has antioxidant properties, intensively regenerates and, most importantly, protects the skin against premature aging.

5 steps to smooth skin
The treatment is based on 5 stages, which, performed one after another, ensure smooth and brightened skin. We start with the application of a creamy peeling, based on the action of glycolic, lactic and citric acid, gently exfoliating the skin, smoothing it and increasing the absorption of the applied products. Then we apply 2 redermalizing ampoules – with two biostimulators – hyaluronic acid and succinic acid. At the end of the treatment, we put on a mask, the operation of which is based on a patented technology, and the entire treatment is crowned with the application of a redermalizing fluid with succinic and hyaluronic acid.

Because the effect matters…
The indications for the treatment are skin aging, wrinkles and furrows, atrophic skin, acne scars, post-inflammatory discoloration, photoaging of the skin.

Already after the first treatment, we can observe the improvement of its color on the skin, shallower furrows and wrinkles, rejuvenation and visible glow, lifting the oval. After the treatment, you can see the shallowing of forehead wrinkles, marionette lines, smoker lines and eye wrinkles. This exclusive Beauty Ceremony will be perfect as a glow booster before the big event, which is not lacking in the December period!

To live in beauty
In line with the Arkana brand philosophy to live in beauty, the latest line also includes exclusive home care – Amber & Hyaluron Re-derm energizer – a redermalizing cream with succinic and hyaluronic acid. The luxurious cream contains a unique combination of skin biostimulants: succinic acid, hyaluronic acid and amber extract, thanks to which it improves skin firmness, density and quality. During the application of the cream, we have a unique sensory experience – initially the cream gives the effect of “wet skin”, and then turns into a silky emulsion, which after absorption gives the skin a velvety finish and exceptional smoothness. Recommended for 24/7 care of all skin types. The birthday collection comes with glass craftsmanship – a handcrafted spatula coated with 24K gold. Perfect as a wrinkle cream.