ARKANA rejuvenating treatments – the role of peptides and neurotransmitters

The use of aesthetic medicine is becoming more and more popular. The emergence of modern techniques, preparations and methods of their use gives more and more opportunities to prevent and eliminate skin imperfections. Their effect should be a natural-looking improvement in appearance, giving the effect of a rested, relaxed and well-groomed face, without changing its features.

Medical aesthetology offers a wide and varied range of services. Most often we associate it with lip filling, face oval correction or the use of Botox. Skin revitalizing treatments are also popular – mesotherapy and vampire facelift. All these procedures require injections, excluding the patient from normal functioning for the next few days. For fear of pain and punctures as well as the high cost of treatments, customers are looking for non-invasive alternatives that actively eliminate the signs of skin aging.

Are cosmetological treatments able to replace aesthetic medicine and can they be an alternative to it?
Definitely yes! These are modern procedures that are largely oriented towards the prevention of skin aging and the restoration of its state before this process.

What does mature skin need?
The skin starts to age around 30 years of age. Then it becomes thinner, more slender and delicate. It begins to lose its bounce and elasticity. The first wrinkles (initially mimic) appear and dryness is associated with weaker work of the sebaceous glands. It loses smoothness over time. The first discoloration, keratosis, hemangiomas and even hirsutism may begin. The elastin fibers break irretrievably, and the slower synthesis of collagen begins. The whole process is the result of chronological and hormonal aging of the body and the influence of external stressors on the skin.

How to effectively deal with the signs of aging and counter its effects? Reaching for office therapies with the use of modern and extremely effective active ingredients – peptides and neurotransmitters. They give a new dimension to mature skin care, ensuring quick and effective action.

Cosmetics with peptides and neurotransmitters in ARKANA treatments
ARKANA, inspired by aesthetic treatments that give immediate effects, created recipes to replace medical procedures, thanks to the introduction of innovative active substances with high concentrations and action on receptors. They are peptides and neurotransmitters.

PRP Therapy – is a shock therapy for mature skin inspired by regenerative medicine. Its anti-aging effect is the result of the use of two peptides: W3 Peptide and GHK-Cu, which remodel the skin and restore its youthfulness. GHK-Cu (Copper Tripeptide) reactivates skin stem cells, reverses the aging process and stimulates regenerative processes. W3 Peptide is an active ingredient that is a non-invasive alternative to platelet-rich plasma. It regenerates the skin, strengthens the rejuvenation processes and stimulates hair growth.

The fractional stamping treatment with the PRP effect is recommended for skin that requires immediate renewal and for skin with varying degrees of aging. It is a shock treatment for comprehensive rejuvenation of mature skin, with photoaging, as part of anti-aging prophylaxis and after invasive treatments that require accelerated regeneration.

One of the most important mechanisms of action of GHK-Cu, as in plasma therapies, is the stimulation of stem cells and the restoration of their ability to divide. This peptide also influences the stimulation of new cells (keratinocytes and fibroblasts), thus extending their life span. The exceptional effectiveness and safety of GHK-Cu, documented by numerous studies, places it as an important factor in reversing the aging and regeneration processes at the cellular level. The use of pure peptide at a concentration of 0.05-0.3% slows down the aging process and reverses its effects. GHK-Cu can also be used after aggressive dermal aesthetic treatments – it accelerates regeneration, reduces side effects and increases the effectiveness of treatments.

In the office treatment, the serum with peptides – PRP Serum, is introduced by means of micro-punctures, which gives an additional effect of skin rebuilding, stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis, its total regeneration and renewal. It is also worth making punctures around the eyes – we will achieve the effect of improving the color and structure of the skin, reducing wrinkles and shadows in this area. PRP Mask ending office therapy effectively and quickly reduces discomfort in fractional mesotherapy – it lowers the skin temperature by up to 5oC, moisturizes and accelerates regeneration.

Peptide Pro Age Therapy is a hybrid combination of dermocosmetics based on biomimetic peptides – one of the most effective substances inhibiting the processes of chronological aging. The Peptide Pro-Age Therapy treatment eliminating mimic wrinkles consists in relaxing the facial muscles that are responsible for the occurrence of the so-called expression wrinkles, and to improve the density and elasticity of the skin in the lower parts of the face. The therapy gives “botox-like” effects without interfering with the continuity of tissues. The effect is natural and the procedure is completely safe.

The innovative peptide XEP ™ -018 mimics the effects of the conotoxin present in the venom of marine snails. Its molecule has a unique structure, thanks to which it works faster and longer than other known botox-like peptides. Clinical trials show the exceptional effectiveness of XEP ™ -018, which can successfully compete with aesthetic treatments. Importantly, the first effects can be seen after just 2 hours. The most spectacular effects are visible after 4 weeks of regular use, not only during the resting phase, but above all during facial movements. For people who use aesthetic treatments with the use of botulinum toxin, it is an opportunity to increase the effects of the treatment and extend the period between treatments.

ProgelineTM is the second peptide in the therapy with features that model the face oval in the “V” zone. This tripeptide improves the contour of the face by strengthening collagen and elastin fibers.

In the treatment, we introduce 2 types of peptide serums into the skin using apparatus or micro-punctures: Bo-2Look Serum and V-Zone Serum. Then we apply the “anatomically shaped” sheet mask soaked in essence with hyaluronic acid to deepen the effect of smoothing out wrinkles. V-Shape Mask lifts, remodels the chin and face oval in the “V” zone.

Immediate lifting – support for mature skin
Neuro Gaba Therapy is a quick-acting neuropeeling containing GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and NANA (N-acetyl-5-neuraminic acid) neurotransmitters, which play a transmitting and regulatory role. In combination with 30% lactic acid, they smooth furrows and improve skin tension (“freezing effect”). After applying the treatment, the immediate filling of wrinkles (“plumping effect”) and moisturizing the skin (“hydro effect”) are visible. The addition of hyaluronic acid in two forms, low-molecular and high-molecular, additionally enhances the rejuvenation effect.

The treatment is a great complement to rejuvenating treatments and improves the structure of the skin. It gives the effect of immediate lifting and smoothing out wrinkles, as a single banquet treatment. It will also work well as an independent rejuvenating therapy, reducing deep wrinkles and furrows.

With a view to holistic care of the most demanding skin, we recommend that our rejuvenating preparations be combined in office therapies and home treatments, based on the assessment of the client’s skin needs. Active ingredients combine and thus safely make them elastic, shallow wrinkles and regenerate. Creams, masks and elixirs will be a great complement to ARKANA rejuvenating treatments, but also to maintain the effects of aesthetic medicine treatments.

Combine ARKANA therapies – enhance the anti-aging effect!
Modern aesthetic medicine offers great opportunities to improve the appearance of the face and body. Among the treatments offered, those that support the natural regenerative and revitalizing mechanisms of the skin deserve special attention. Using them is an excellent prophylaxis that not only visibly delays the appearance of imperfections, but also improves the appearance of the skin and affects well-being.

The use of signal peptides, transport peptides or neuropeptides in product formulas and their use in rejuvenating therapies is an excellent choice for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is a response to the contemporary needs of customers for whom it is increasingly important to obtain a natural look by non-invasive methods without undesirable side effects in a short time.

ARKANA’s neuro-cosmetic treatments are highly concentrated, effective formulas with proven effects. They support active anti-aging prophylaxis and fight all signs of aging: gravitational and mimic wrinkles, disturbed face oval, loss of firmness, uneven color and structure. They are an excellent alternative to aesthetic treatments, as well as strengthening and extending their effects. The second important element is the possibility of obtaining visible effects in a relatively short time, as well as their maintenance due to the systematic use of dermocosmetics.

Neurocosmetics – future of effective skin care!