Arkana peel sets- perfect solution for your beauty salon

The autumn-winter period is a time favorable for intensive treatments with the use of acids. Less activity of solar radiation is the best time to regenerate and renew the skin after summer, as well as to fight larger skin defects of your clients. Match it to the needs of your client’s skin.

ARKANA’s set solution
ARKANA offers several special chemical peel’s sets, in which the preparation time for the treatment and the application itself doesn’t take more than a few minutes. The client with the product applied to the skin leaves your beauty salon, allowing the preparations to act on the skin for the next hours (4-10 hours). Peels should be washed off by yourself at home, following the instructions obtained earlier in the beauty salon. The treatment with the use of acid peel, appropriately selected for the client’s skin, will allow you to obtain the expected results. It should be remembered that it is very rare to find a solution to the problem after the first treatment. Usually, a series of 2-4 treatments is needed to correct the problem. ARKANA’s solution are acid set peelings packed in vial to be used for 1-2 face and body treatments. It is an economical solution to the purchase of a given peeling set for the client and his problem. You should also remember about proper home care, which will help maintain the effect obtained after the treatment, and also properly prepare for treatments with acids. In the first days after using the peeling, it is recommended to use Post Treat Gel and/or Post Treat Mask, depending on the needs of the skin, in order to accelerate regeneration and relieve discomfort during exfoliation. After the following days, a dedicated dermocosmetic should be included in home care.

J Evolution Peel
The strongest peeling in the ARKANA offer is J Evolution Peel dedicated to thick, resistant skins that struggle with wrinkles and photoaging furrows, as well as scars and stretch marks. The formula is based on a modification of the classic Jessner peel. It contains hexylresorcinol, a mixture of lactic and citric acids, vitamin C and bakuchiol. It is a peeling that can only be done in the fall and winter period, and the regeneration process may take about a week due to the intense exfoliation process. The J Evolution Peel package contains two vials that are enough for two treatments. After the treatment, use the J Evolution Boost Cream to calm the skin, rebuild the lipid layer and prevent inflammatory discoloration.

Reti Fusion Vecti + Peel
Mature skin with wrinkles that require strong skin reconstruction and rejuvenation is recommended with Reti Fusion® Vecti + Peel. It is the triple power of retibrasion – a combination of vector retinol with pure retinol, two forms of vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate and sodium phosphate in vector carriers) and encapsulated vitamins AEC in one carrier. The treatment kit includes two ampoules to be used in one treatment, placed one on top of the other, using the “sandwich” technique. The content of both vials should be massaged into the skin and left for 6-8 hours, then washed with lukewarm water. In home care, it is recommended to use Reti Fusion Vecti + Cream SPF 15 for the day and Reti Fusion Vecti + Essence Mask for the night.

AzAc Peel
Problematic skin struggling with the problem of acne, especially rosacea having a capillary problem, are recommended to be treated with AzAc Peel. Azelaic acid contained in the peeling effectively reduces the secretion of sebum and regulates the process of keratosis and reduces the dilated orifices of the sebaceous glands, as well as eliminates acne scars. In the case of rosacea, the unique action of azelaic acid is to inhibit reactive oxygen species and block immune reactions that contribute to the intensification of vascular changes. The peeling is left on the skin for 6-8 hours and then washed off with water. It is recommended to continue the AzAc Solution and AzAc Forte 15% Cream home care. The treatment set is sufficient for two treatments.

Phyto Fenol Peel
The peeling dedicated to skin with discoloration of any origin is Phyto Phenol Peel. Peel with plant phenol, i.e. containing phenolic acids: coffee, rosemary, salicylic, ferulic, almond. It can be combined with micro-puncturing, which increases the possibility of active substances penetrating deep into the skin. The peeling also uses retinol, which increases the peeling effect. The set is recommended for one treatment. Similar to the peels mentioned above – phenolic peeling should be left on the skin for 8-10 hours and then washed off with water. In home care, it is recommended to use J Evolution Cream or UniTone Neuro Cream.

Treatments with the use of chemical peels can only be performed after excluding any contraindications to their performance. Diagnostic interview is important. Ask the client to complete a medical questionnaire and inform about any allergic reactions. Contraindications for peeling are: pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergic, bacterial and viral dermatitis, active herpes and broken epidermis. About 7 days before the procedure, you cannot perform epilation, dermabrasion and electrolysis, and you should not use self-tanners. The peel is also intended for men, in their case, pay attention to the fact that they should not shave on the day it is performed.