Acid skin renewal

If you want to fully regenerate and rebuild the skin with the use of intensive acid peels, start the treatment in January! This is the “last call” to carry out a full series of treatments with chemical peels that will renew your skin.

You can read about the recommended peels in the beauty salon and the sustaining effects of home care in the new post on our blog.

Why acids in winter?
Stronger chemical peels, such as Pyruvic Flower Peel or set Reti Fusion Vecti+ Peel, are recommended only in autumn and winter, when the sun is less active. By definition, the purpose of chemical (acid) peel is to trigger a controlled inflammatory reaction in order to stimulate skin renewal and regeneration. The effect of inflammation is exfoliation, but the skin may be irritated and red, therefore it should be protected against sun radiation. In the future, unprotected skin may develop stains and discolorations that are difficult to remove. Always remember to use a barrier cream with SPF 50+ after acid treatments and when using acid home treatments.

Which chemical peel to choose in the beauty salon?

Reti Fusion® Vecti + Peel – recommended in a treatment that reduces the effects of photoaging, discoloration, strongly rejuvenates and reduces wrinkles. Suitable for skins lacking firmness, tired. Closed in vector carriers, Vecticell® Retinol allows for deeper penetration into the skin, thanks to which it works even more actively and effectively.

Phyto Phenol Peel (plant phenol peel) – aimed at skin suffering from discoloration of any type. It contains phenolic acids: coffee, rosemary, salicylic, ferulic, almond. It can be combined with micro-puncturing, which increases the possibility of active substances penetrating deep into the skin.

J Evolution Peel – is the perfect solution for people looking for a solution to reduce scars, stretch marks or deep wrinkles and furrows. Perfect for thick skins resistant to other acids.

Pyruvic Flower Peel – 45% concentration of pyruvic acid with floral acids will reduce the problems of skin lacking firmness, mature, but also oily and impure.

Home care
In order to enhance the effects of treatments with acids, follow the recommendations of the cosmetologist and use the products recommended after the treatment. In the first days, these will be delicate products that affect the regeneration and reconstruction of the hydro-lipid barrier. The next step are products that will support and strengthen the effects of the treatment, e.g. after the Reti Fusion® Vecti + Peel treatment, reach for the Day Cream with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E, C and the night Essential Mask.

Intensive acid treatment at home
If you cannot go to the treatment in the beauty salon, and you want to implement a stronger home treatment with acids, reach for the floral peeling gel – 28D Flower Peel. Dermocosmetics contain as much as 20% Acid Flower – a composition of natural acids from hibiscus flowers, jasmine, meadowsweet and daisies. You will also find them in the Acid Flower tonic. 28D Flower Peel is a 28-day epidermal exfoliation program overnight. It strengthens the natural process of exfoliation of the epidermis, rejuvenates the skin structure and stimulates cell renewal. It is gentle but effective in its action.

In addition to the above-mentioned 28-day 28D Flower Peel Night Treatment, ARKANA offers a Revitalizing Treatment that can be combined with your favorite ARKANA sheet mask. It is recommended to repeat the treatment once a week. Below we suggest how to do it step by step.

Revitalizing treatment:
1.Wash and tone your face – use products with acids Acid Cleansing Gel – face cleansing gel with acids and Acid Flower Solution – a tonic with azeloglycine.

2. Apply a thicker layer of 28D Flower Peel and massage the face on it. Leave for 10 – 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

3. Re-tonalize the face of the Acid Flower Solution to balance the pH.

4. Then put on your favorite sheet mask – check the mask offer

5. Remove the mask after 15 – 20 minutes and gently pat the remaining product into the skin.

6. Finish the ritual by applying your favorite cream