Woman Definition Estri Cream 50 ml

Dermoesthetic cream with phytoestrogens for mature skin. It provides support in the period of hormonal changes and restores younger look of the skin. It contains Phytogen which eliminates the signs of skin aging associated with estrogen deficiency and Feminage ™ which prevents the loss of skin elasticity.

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Woman Definition Estri Cream

Phytogen 20 mg/g, Feminage™ 20 mg/g, rice oil 90 mg/g, raspberry, rose, blackcurrant oil

» cream – phytoestrogen supplement
» contains a blend of estrogens from 7 plants
» restores the hormonal balance in the skin
» supplements the level of EFAs and vitamins
» enhances the protective barrier

» for day and night care of mature skin
» also recommended for neck care
» compatible with other therapies