Post Treat Serum 30 ml

Post-treatment S.O.S serum which calms the skin

Post Treat Serum
Post-treatment S.O.S serum
3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid 10 mg/g, Synovea
HR 5 mg/g, Sythenol A 5 mg/g
» contains 10% of active substances: vitamin
C, phyto-retinol, bakuchiol, hexylresorcinol,
mandelic acid and hyaluronic acid
» enhances chemical peels
» calms the skin
Heksylorezorcynol (Synovea HR)
» brightens the skin
» stimulates glutathione in the skin
» protects collagen, elastin and DNA of skin
» reduces irritation
» stimulates the production of collagen and
Bakuchiol (Sythenol A)
» functional analogue of retinol
» reduces the signs of aging
» brightens and evens out the color
» stimulates the production of collagen I, III
and IV
» regulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid
and aquaporin 3
» application after professional exfoliation
» treatment
» microinjection, treatments with a roller