Body Lipolysis Balm 150 ml

It contains Veticell® Lipolysis, encapsulated in flexible carriers, which gradually reduces body fat, smoothes and firms the skin.


Body Lipolysis Balm

Active ingredients: Vecticell® Lipolysis 50 mg/g, hyaluronic acid, panthenol

»» liquid crystal formula biocompatible with the skin
»» light and easily absorbed
»» maximum concentration of Vecticell® Lipolysis
»» active penetration of liposomes
»» gradual release and long-lasting effect
»» efficient consistency

Professional application:
»» application at the end of body treatments
»» recommended after device treatments

Individual application:
»» home care with Body Lipolysis Activator
»» 1-2 times a day at least for 6 weeks
»» to enhance the effects, recommended application after fitness and sauna

Code 35035 150 ml