Cannabis Therapy

The first professional and legal BIOtherapy with the use of Cannabis. This natural repair therapy is based on cannabidiol,
hemp oil and poppy-seed oil, which restore the skin on 3 levels. Cannabidiol (CBD) imitates the natural
activity of endocannabinoids that occur in human organism and have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and wound
healing properties. The patented substance – CebidolTM is a revolution among CBD products. Thanks to multilayered
spheres, this ingredient is stable and is gradually released into the skin thoroughout the day. Hemp and
poppy-seed oils, in high concentrations, are the sources of invaluable EFA, which restore the hydro-lipid coat and
have anti-inflammatory effects. The line is ideal for those suffering from hyper-reactive and dysfunctional skin in
which a protective barrier and its proper functioning have been disturbed.