Amino Bio Mask 200 ml

Provides instant relief for irritated and dry skin. The velvet consistency makes it an ideal massage product.

Bioactive multi-action mask with amino acids. A modern formula contains ingredients restoring hydrolipid balance: the complex of 12 amino acids, high molecular and low molecular cross-linked hyaluronic acid, lycopene and omega acids. Amino acids restore NMF, protect against free radicals, regulate cellular processes and contribute to the stimulation of production of collagen and elastin. Lycopene derived from tomato seeds, as a strong antioxidant, protects skin cells against premature aging, oxidative stress and UV damage. Omega acids 3 and 6 derived from cranberry seeds complement the deficiency of lipids, nourish and regenerate. Hypoallergenic, scent-free formula makes the cream be perfect for extremely sensitive skin.

Application: apply an even layer of the mask and leave for 15 – 20 minutes, remove the rest with a cotton swab or massage into the skin. Also recommended for massage.